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Thread: OPPREZZORS: Annihilation Squad

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    One month ago was at the MNPCTech website and right away felt in luv with the Overkill Nautilus F.Grill... at that moment a guy was selling one on ebay so I bought it... but it took like 4 weeks to get here... because the post office lost my package... now that the package is finally home... let work on the new custom back-grill for the Overkill Nautilus...

    Taking the proper measures to make the custom back-grill

    Here they are... the new custom made Opprezzor Back-Grill and Spacerfor the Overkill Nautilus...

    Stay tuned for more!

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    The new Side Panel v2 as seen on Facebook!

    Candy Red Transparent from my favorite seller: All Powder Paints

    The Powder!


    600 Grit Waterproof Sand Paper

    An hour later...

    Semi-Mirror Surface

    without sanding...

    The Result...

    Powder Coating the Panel...

    Meanwhile I decided to Powder coat the Cooler... (I know... I know... heatsink will not dissipate heat and all the bla bla bla that follow after that... jajaja)

    [Annihilation Red] GeminII M4

    ...and this is how the Side Panel should look like... but it is too dark... I will take better picture in the morning!

    Stay tuned for more!

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    [Painting and Assembling]


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    [Parts and Hardware]

    Stay tuned for More!

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    Modding the Overkill Nautilus Grills from MNPCTech...

    Original vs Polished

    Original [Left] - Polished [Right]

    Very Happy with the overall look... exactly as imagine it when I made the 3D version...

    Bonus Pic!

    Stay tuned for more!

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    Top-Half Side Panel... since this panel was design to be used with its original custom fan grill... I have to make a little mod to the panel to make it look better with the new grills... so here we go again... cutting time!

    More to come!

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    EXCLUSIVE: [Putting together the Monster]

    Stay tuned for more!

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    [Making the support/hinge that attache the top and bottom part together]

    Stay tuned for more!

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    The NEW MoBo Tray... v2.0

    V2 vs V1


    Testing the MoBo with the G620 from OPP1

    Stay tuned for more!

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    That's it for now... stay tuned!

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