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Thread: OPPREZZORS: Annihilation Squad

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    OPPREZZORS: Annihilation Squad

    Synopsis: [anno domini 2099] After the infiltration of the radicals known as Hands of the Gods [HOTG] led by masbuskado and the Bio-Warfare project, the Opprezzors have decided to create a Squad to slave and annihilate the remaining humans. The battle for survival begins now.

    Description: This is an original masbuskado's design, base on the HOTG: 2099 Story created by masbuskado, Opprezzors: Annihilation Squad is the Third project of the SAGA, it's the second Social Work Log from masbuskado @ New Mod City.

    About the Project: it will be an original scratch build, some industrial machine involved, 70+ hours of 2D / 3D design and modeling in CorelDraw X15 and SolidWorks 2011. Some parts are going to be cut with a press brake and some with laser.

    NOTE: I haven't been very active in the forums for 2 years for personal and time reason but I never stop modding and this is one of my recent project, it is 1/3 completed and you will now why in a few hours when I finish the 1/3 of the Work Log. Luv you guys!

    Mod on... VIva la Revolution!

    [The Sketch] It was stolen from masbuskado's files during the great battle of 2037.

    The Opprezzors begin their research about using masbuskado's machine against the HOTG group...

    Due to the unlimited technological resource of the Opprezzors the files were decrypted; they found some of the first 3D Renders of the project.

    [OPP-X9342 NET2/masbuskado/peacemaker/filez]
    [Loading Files]
    [Please wait]
    [100% Completed]

    [OPP-X9342 NET2/masbuskado/peacemaker/filez]
    [Loading More Files]
    [Please wait]
    [97% Completed]

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    [OPP-X9342 NET2/masbuskado/peacemaker/filez]
    [Loading Files]
    [Please wait]
    [45% Completed]

    [OPP-X9342 NET2/masbuskado/peacemaker/filez]
    [Loading More Files]
    [Please wait]

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    New 3D RENDER!

    New Parts!

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    not just on is 3 awesome this is the best case i ever seen

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    Quote Originally Posted by modscases_com View Post
    not just on is 3 awesome this is the best case i ever seen
    Thanks bro! 3 it is!

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    You voted for it... so I made it... but first take a look at my favorite one!

    ...and this is the one I will use!

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    One month ago was at the MNPCTech website and right away felt in luv with the Overkill Nautilus F.Grill... at that moment a guy was selling one on ebay so I bought it... but it took like 4 weeks to get here... because the post office lost my package... now that the package is finally home... let work on the new custom back-grill for the Overkill Nautilus...

    Taking the proper measures to make the custom back-grill

    Here they are... the new custom made Opprezzor Back-Grill and Spacerfor the Overkill Nautilus...

    Stay tuned for more!

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    [Painting and Assembling]


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    [Parts and Hardware]

    Stay tuned for More!

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    Modding the Overkill Nautilus Grills from MNPCTech...

    Original vs Polished

    Original [Left] - Polished [Right]

    Very Happy with the overall look... exactly as imagine it when I made the 3D version...

    Bonus Pic!

    Stay tuned for more!

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