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    I am going to do a quick mod (hopefully) that will be what I call a fun mod. Not a real gaming rig but still a real computer. People will want to touch it. People will want to play with it. I could possibly get into trouble for building it.


    Here is a shot of the beginnings.

    Boring so far, right?

    I've been cutting acrylic and gathering pieces. I will have a lot of crazy random stuff going on with this one.

    Here are a couple things that I will be using -

    Thats right - Binoculars and a web cam or at least pieces of them.

    I started gluing up all the pieces -

    Here is the look I am going for - -

    It will be called ZOFLAM since I am using Zotac guts.

    It will be mounted to a tripod and everything. Will be as close to possible as the real thing. However there are several designs/models that have been produced.
    I am working on getting the tracking software going so that when it's plugged into a monitor, the camera behind the lens will track faces/objects similar to how it tracks targets in BF3.

    I just need to gather a few more parts and I'll do another update.

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    I've been gathering random parts and pieces to make this thing look as real as possible. I found some toilet parts, and other stuff in the plumbing section that will work. lol

    Some of the side panels I need will have to look like they were formed or possibly milled so I am using the stacking method to make it look like a correct piece.

    I cut a thick round piece of clear acrylic and used it on top of the lens I made that holds the video camera. This made it look really cool like some special lens or something...

    You can see one of the rubber toilet flanges that I used here too.

    Here you can see how I started sanding the corners so they are rounded. This is why I used such thick acrylic. I mounted the one side plate after I drilled and tapped all the holes.

    Next I took the whole body and ran it through the table saw to put a line in it so that it will look like it's 2 pieces bolted together. (you'll see)

    To finish the effect of it looking bolted together I used some acrylic tubing and tapped the end so a bolt can go in one end. Then I glued it to the top staggering the line.

    Then just in time some goodies showed up...

    An eye piece rubber cup..

    And some scope mounts. You gotta have scope mounts on a ZOFLAM...

    Getting real close to paint.

    Test fit the scope mount rails and glued the 2 pieces together...

    I am working on some more wiring right now, adding a few details, and then I need to get the tripod going.

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    Ah, now that's cool!

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    I guess this is a 2 piece mod.

    I had to obtain a tripod and then strip it down, make some changes, paint it, etc.

    Here are the legs after assembly and camo green paint and some metal I cut up to add for some beefy flavor-

    I am going to add the metal to the front side of each leg and will be painting the metal with flat black Plasti-dip

    This is assembled so you get the idea of the look,, but without the metal-

    The ZOFLAM is coming along. I had a minor setback sort of. I assumed the Plasti-dip spray coating would hide most imperfections such as joints in the acrylic. I sanded it super smooth but the joints showed like crazy! So I had the pleasant experience of removing rubbery paint from the whole thing and starting over. :cry:

    This does not please me... at all.

    So I got it prepped better and then used some truck bed coating that has a nice texture. It hides everything. Then I am going to cross my fingers and hope that the Camo green Plasti-dip will stick to it without turning into a science experiment. Such as mixing the wrong chemicals together....

    So here are some shots of it's present state...

    So hopefully I can get the green on there, let it dry, mount all the hardware inside, scope mounts, lenses, test fit the tripod attachment, oh and then plug it in and make sure it all works... :shock:

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    I am really loving how this thing is coming together. I got a lot done today and will finish tomorrow.

    I finished up the tripod -

    Here is what the legs look like after I mounted the steel flat bar.

    It gives it a really cool look. Here it is all put together.

    I am having the neck that slips into the top of the tripod machined right now.

    On to the ZOFLAM itself....

    I experienced a little bit of trouble with the various coatings I used. I was concerned but it's actually livable for now. The biggest thing was that the latex caulk I used for the little round rods down the middle had a reaction to the truck bed coating. The caulking was smooth but it made it get all chunky looking. I had a few little nicks from moving it while it was still wet too but I touched those up.

    Here is a shot of it painted the Camo green with Plasti dip-

    I added my buttons/switches to the back plate -

    I stenciled some stuff in flat black --

    The "AN / PEQ is the actual Part Number of a SOFLAM but I added "1Z" to the end. You can also see I mounted the hardware inside too. It ties together pretty nice.

    If you looked close you saw some other stuff....

    Like the names of the scopes for the mounts. One is for a scope for targeting ... AIR

    And of course you have to have a scope used for .... LAND

    And these days you will certainly need the newest feature to zoom in on.....

    lol. That's right.... my ZOFLAM locks onto Zombies!!! :P

    And of course I needed to add some manufacturer info on it somewhere ...

    You can see I added the lenses now too.

    I will be adding the last piece once the paint is dry. It's the large white cap that goes in this big blank space...

    So tomorrow you will get to see the final result.

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    This baby is finished and works awesome.

    I added the white cap to the front. In real life it is a cap that fits over another type of lens I was told. So I wanted it to be authentic so I added it.

    The mounting plate I had machined turned out perfect so it rests in the tripod and I can swivel the ZOFLAM around.

    When I plug it in and turn the power on the red led looks just like a laser! It's really hard to capture with the camera though.

    So here are some final shots to enjoy....

    I think what I want to do is set it up so it's hooked to a robotic arm with a marshmallow shooter. Or make a Javelin!! Then I can have it track peoples faces and lock on and blast them... :P

    That would be awesome. Or, I can just stick it in the corner next to my other crazy mods and let it collect dust.


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