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Thread: Cosmos Cruizer

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    More teaser shots from BS Mods...

    PPG Orange Vibrance base coat...

    Mid coat...

    Keyboard frame...

    A test piece showing the paint with clear coat...

    With just a couple weeks left until the lan, methinks I'm going to have a few sleepless nights ahead of me...

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    Another mini update and final paint teaser..

    Slight modification on the EK tube reservoir brackets. I didn't like how they looked, so I filled in all the cavities with epoxy putty to make them look more solid.



    Sanded and primed..

    On the polishing front, I pretty much got all the small parts done over the weekend. All the tubes were really easy, but the 1/4" aluminum bars were pretty rough especially around the bends. I had to start with 80 grit on the orbital sander to get the sides flat again. Then I moved up to 120, then 220. After that, I switched to hand sanding with 400grit, then to a fine 3M Scotch-brite pad, and finally on to the polishing wheel using coarse and fine compounds. Here's a before and after shot..

    And finally I leave you with the paint teaser...

    This might be the last transmission until the LAN, because as soon as Bob delivers the case, I'll have zero time to be posting anything other than a quick FB pic.

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    Ok, another quick paint update...

    Bob has been taunting me for the past week with painting shenanigans, so I figured I might as well share..

    I was going to save these shots until after the case was done, but I just can't keep the fricken awesomeness under wraps! Bob really outdid himself on my flame grills..

    I literally cannot sit still I'm so excited to see all this in person. Should be arriving tonight!

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    This is just, just WOW!
    I can't wait to see the finished Case!
    That is a lot of inspiration, a lot of hard work, skills and knowledge...

    Kind regards, The E.

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    Ok, so while I'm at work and not finishing my case, I figured I'd post some assembly pics..

    Bob came down and stayed all day Thursday to help me out, and got a crap-ton of stuff done while I was stuck at work. I can't thank him enough!

    Got the upholstery done on the interior panels while Bob slaved over the main panel covering..

    The wiring on this thing is taking forever. Feeding the wires through the alu pipes is a royal PITA! But the end result will be worth it..

    The back side of the SSD module, wiring up the drives and lighting..

    ATX cable pinned with connector..

    Motherboard 12v power cables pinned and numbered. Will run continuity checks on all wires to match them up on the other end.

    Other side of the panel, waiting for PSU.

    Covering the PSU cover..

    Got all the blocks on the board, after detailing them in white/orange.

    Manifold in place..

    Rigid tubing in place..

    Polished mesh scoop insert..

    Tonight will consist of more wiring. Hope to finish up the PSU so I can move on to installing the rest of the stainless tubing and fill.

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    After struggling for 3 hours, I finally got the main side panel mounted to the frame. Had to modify a few things, and remove some paint layers in order for it to fit again. But with the help of my wife and a few clamps, I got it on..... and then I put the panel on the frame. :P

    Now I can continue installing components and routing wires.

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    Well, I wasn't able to get the Cruizer case running in time due to leaky fittings. But I still wanted to show it, so I temporarily rigged it up with lights and fans..

    Now that I have some time, I will address the issues that arose as I was assembling it...
    - re-route wiring under floor so rear fans don't arbitrarily change modes
    - Fix grounding issue with front LCD screen
    - Add lighting to motherboard area
    - Fix leaks & refill
    - Mix up correct color fluid
    - Clean up rear IO panel
    - Reroute USB/DVI cables and cover
    - Address panel alignment and fitment
    - Finish and assemble hinged fuel door
    - Finish and assemble Razer keyboard
    - Add door popper feature with touch sensitive button

    Should only be a couple more weeks and I'll have all the gremlins worked out and I can call it done.

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    That ... is a piece of art and great show of artistry

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    Honestly, IMHO ... the best one yet brother!! Would love to see it in person, simply awesome!!!

    "Moddin' ... Ain't It Cool!"

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