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Thread: Cosmos Cruizer

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    Cosmos Cruizer

    Dude what kind of beer are you drinking when you think up these great idea... cause I need to get me some!!

    I'm at deadlock on creative ideas right now :-(

    Work has me by the balls right now and all I do is go to work and sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Americanfreak View Post
    Dude what kind of beer are you drinking when you think up these great idea... cause I need to get me some!!

    I'm at deadlock on creative ideas right now :-(

    Work has me by the balls right now and all I do is go to work and sleep.
    Just saw this post, sorry Dewayne! Yeah, I've been super busy as well, as evidenced by the total lack of updates here lol. Had to jump onto a commissioned build so the Cruizer was put on hold temporarily. I should be wrapping it up next week, so I'll be able to get back on this one. I'll post a worklog of this other project too, once I get the green light to do so. ;-)

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    Hey guys, I'm back on this project! Got my other obligations out of the way for now, so I can continue on with the Cruizer.

    Unfortunately, I don't really have much new progress to show. I'm still working on the form for the side panel and scoops, adding bondo and sanding. So nothing new there. I did get some patching done tho, so I can at least show that...

    Due to the bottom rails being transformed into hot-rod style exhaust headers, I only need one of the holes in the trim piece at the bottom. And since I'm relocating the top rails to the center, I won't need either hole up there. So I need to plug them up.

    I cut out six oval shaped discs and beveled the edges so they fit into the holes.

    Here's one of the holes...

    And here it is with the disc.

    I marked each one so I knew which hole they went into, since they are all different.

    After using plastic epoxy to glue them in, I got out the body filler.

    Sanded it down smooth. I started with 80 grit on my orbital sander, then went to 220 grit. I used some glazing putty to fill in any small imperfections.

    After a final light sanding, I shot it with primer.

    I'll sand this down with 400 grit, then scuff the entire trim piece and shoot one more coat of primer once I get all the other modifications done on it.

    Feels good to be back on this, and I'll be posting more regularly now as work continues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Americanfreak View Post
    Dude what kind of beer are you drinking when you think up these great idea... cause I need to get me some!!

    I'm at deadlock on creative ideas right now :-(

    Work has me by the balls right now and all I do is go to work and sleep.
    Must be Arrogant Bastard Ale .. cause he's obviously Worthy

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    Quote Originally Posted by DB View Post
    Must be Arrogant Bastard Ale .. cause he's obviously Worthy
    Haha that is good beer, although my favorite Stone brew is Ruination IPA. I've had the Double Bastard and it knocked me on my keester lol.

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    Got my fiberglass supplies in! Hoping I can lay up the side panel this weekend if the weather holds up.

    Pics to follow of course!

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    Ok, so I didn't get as much work done over the weekend as I thought. In fact, I never even got a coat of primer on the plug. Still sanding and perfecting the surface because it has to be absolutely flawless. Any blemish on the plug will be transferred directly to the finished fiberglass piece. So better to try and eliminate all the issues now, than have to fix it later.

    That, and this was the last great weekend weather-wise before the rains come this week, and I spent it with the kids doing Halloween stuff. :mrgreen:

    But I did promise pics, so here's my progress thus far...

    When all is said and done, the side panel trim piece will be integrated with the new fiberglass panel, so it will all be one unit. So more preparation was done to the trim piece. Holes were drilled all along the inside edge to help facilitate the adhesion of the fiberglass to the plastic. Typically, the two materials don't stick to one another, so the holes will allow the resin to flow through the plastic. I'll add the fiberglass cloth to the back side as well to sandwich it together.

    I bent a sheet of aluminum to match the curve of the side panel. The bend was very slight, all I had to do was set it over a 4" acrylic tube and apply a small amount of downward force to replicate the curve.

    I set the trim piece face down onto the alu sheet. Here's a closeup of the curve.

    Using the trim piece as a guide, I placed the plug on the sheet and marked it.

    Here's a closeup again showing the curve of the alu sheet. It will serve as a backing for the fiberglass, and support for the plug.

    I set the trim piece aside, then removed the plug from the sheet and applied contact cement to both parts, and put them back together. This was to ensure the plug didn't move while I added epoxy putty all around it, shown here.

    Here's the plug in its current state. The putty is all smoothed out, and creates a nice curved transition between the alu sheet and plug. It's getting real close to being done! It will start looking a whole lot better once I get some primer on it and it's all one color.

    Once I get a few coats of primer on it and sanded smooth, I'll have to polish it and apply a couple coats of mold release wax, so the fiberglass won't stick to it. Only then will I be able to start the layup process!

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    Just a quick update on the plugs. I got a couple coats of epoxy primer on them a few weeks ago, and have been sanding them down, working my way up to 1000 grit. Not really sure when I will get to lay some fiberglass, as it's now getting colder out, and I will most likely have to step away from this project yet again for another build.

    Anyway, here's a few shots...

    Back when I can!

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    Ok, I think it's about time I got back on this project! After I wrapped up the Level 10GTS-M case, I was able to spend some time installing some newly acquired parts from EK. :twisted:

    Yes, they were gracious enough to offer up some very cool products for this build, and I can't thank them enough. Here's a shot of what they sent me:

    We got a CPU waterblock, motherboard blocks for the X79, Dominator memory blocks x2, ram module adapters (to fit the dominator blocks on my Crucial memory), a 250mm tube res, a 280 and a 420 radiator, and a dual pump top.

    I had been searching for a WC solution for my Crucial Ballistix memory, and there are a few universal blocks out there, but I was very pleased to find out EK offers these adapters to fit the ever popular Corsair Dominator blocks. So the first thing I did was install them onto the Crucial memory.

    They come very securely packaged in bubble wrap.

    Opening it up we have two sets of adapters, with all the necessary thermal padding and hardware.

    Here are the memory sticks with their heat spreaders which will need to be removed.

    I had to be extremely careful not to damage the memory in the removal process. I found that pulling both sides off at the same time alleviated any bending of the memory stick.

    Crucial uses some really tough adhesive on their thermal pads. It took awhile to get it all off the chips.

    All four sticks cleaned off and ready for the adapters.

    Applying the new thermal padding. The strips were too short to just lay over all the chips, so I had to cut them up into individual squares, one for each chip. Now for the other side.

    Once the thermal pads were all on, it was just a matter of sandwiching the memory stick in between the two adapter plates and screwing them together. Two down, two to go!

    All done! I had to install the ram onto the motherboard and add the actual Dominator blocks to see how it looked. Looks very nice along with the Supremacy CPU and motherboard blocks.

    I'm super excited to be back on this. I'll be updating more consistently from now on, as this case is top priority!

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    Planning out the plumbing on the backside of the Cruizer. I'm going with stainless steel tubing, to simulate automotive fuel/brake lines. Should look pretty sweet! But before running the lines, I had to figure out the best placement for the wc components. It's amazing that even on a cavernous case such as the Cosmos II, I still had to deal with clearance issues lol.

    I'll be running two separate loops: CPU/motherboard/ram, and graphics cards. I got the 420mm EK radiator up top cooling the CPU loop, and the 280mm EK rad in the GFX loop. I figure the 680s won't be putting out as much heat as the processor, especially since I want to do some OCing this time. Both loops go into the EK 250mm X3 res, with one line connecting the res to the dual pumps. Then the two loops split off again from there. I'm a little concerned about the bottleneck there, but I'm trying to eliminate any unnecessary tubing where possible. And with the dual D5 pumps, I'm hoping it will be a non-issue. Lemme know what you guys think.

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