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Thread: Cosmos Cruizer

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    After designing out the plumbing in Sketchup, I've been placing the real parts in the case, to verify my plan will work as it is layed out. So far things have been lining up with minimal adjustments.

    Here are the 280 and 420 radiators from EK. These things are massive, at 2" thick, but they fill the Cosmos II nicely.

    Got my stack of 140mm fans plus a 200mm intake fan for the case.

    Trying the fans out on the 280 rad, and placing it in the case.

    The top 420 rad will go up top, but just barely.

    As you can see from the side, the radiator will need to be mounted lower into the case so it fits below the bezel. The Cosmos II only has provisions for a 360mm radiator, so I'd have to cut the top panel anyway.

    Lastly, here is a shot of the Koolance quick disconnect fittings I'll be using to connect the custom manifold, along with the Koolance 1/2" pipe adapters and EK 90º elbow fittings.

    And I've got more fittings on the way! I found some really awesome push fittings from E22 that will be a perfect fit for this project...

    They also carry the 12mm rigid tubing I'll be using along with these fittings. So as soon as I get those in, I'll be able to get the custom manifold together and mounted on the hardware. Can't wait!

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    Looking Nice Brian!
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    Thanks Dewayne!

    Got a little bit more work done last night on the rads.

    I cut out the top panel to fit the 420mm EK radiator. You can see the size difference between it and the stock provisions for a 360mm rad.

    Here is the radiator set in place with a couple fans to check height clearance.

    I also checked the lower radiator clearance. To do this, I set the fiberglass form into the case to give me an idea where the actual fiberglass piece will be. Right now the rad is resting on the form, so it will need to raise up just a bit to clear. I still have about 1/4" room above the fans on top, so I think I'm good.

    This weekend, I'll file the edges down and get the mounting brackets made up for this rad as well as the lower 280mm rad.

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    Ok, I got a crap-ton of work done on this case over the weekend. :P

    Firstly, I got the top radiator mounts made. After measuring how far the rad could go, I cut and bent these four mounts.

    These will mount to the center fan holes on each side of the rad.

    And it fits into the case thusly. I still have to add holes to the brackets where they will be fastened to the case.

    Using my flexible curve to simulate where the top piece will be, you can see how much clearance I will have over the fans once it's all said and done.

    Here's a front shot of the rad & fans.

    Now comes the major part of the update. I took the plunge and got the side panel laid up with fiberglass today. It was pretty warm the whole weekend, so I figured I'd give it a go. Here's a shot of all the materials I had to acquire: Resin, catalyst, gel coat, curing agent, cabosil (a thickener), assorted brushes, mixing cups, roller, dispersing pump, measuring squeeze bottle, mixer, gloves, and not shown are the paste wax and PVA mold release.

    And of course, the fiberglass cloth. I got some heavy duty strand mat and 4oz cloth.

    Before I could start any of this, I had to prep the form. After sanding up to 1000 grit, I used some meguire's car polish on it. Then I waxed the whole thing four times. After that, I sprayed it with 2 coats of PVA mold release. That was Saturday.

    Sunday morning I got the fiberglass cloth pre-cut and clamped the side bezel down around the form.

    After everything was set up and ready, I started brushing on the gel-coat. This was the point of no return, since the cloth had to go on as soon as the gel-coat was tack-free. Then each subsequent layer of cloth had to follow non-stop until it was finished.

    After the gel-coat set up, I mixed up some resin with the cabosil thickener to make a paste, then worked it into the tight corners and overhangs where air bubbles were sure to form.

    After the paste, it was time for the first layer of fiberglass. Starting with the heavy duty strand mat, I layed it over the form and added the resin.

    This took a good two cups of resin to saturate the mat.

    Next layer was the 4oz cloth. Procedure was the same, adding resin where needed, saturating the cloth.

    After three layers of cloth, I added a few scrap pieces to reinforce the corners and overlap the joints. Then I mixed up one last small batch of resin, this time with the curing agent, which helps the final surface cure without being tacky.

    After a few hours under the heat lamps, it was rock hard and smooth. Time to demold! I turned the form upside down and removed the aluminum sheet, exposing the layered foam.

    After working the edges, it became apparent I was not going to be able to save the form, so I proceeded to remove it one foam layer at a time.

    After two layers of foam, I was able to pop the remaining piece of the form out of the fiberglass.

    And there ya go. Thanks to the 4 coats of wax and 2 coats of PVA, I had no trouble with sticking.

    behold! A one-piece fiberglass side panel!

    Now this thing is not totally without its flaws. Upon closer inspection, there are countless air bubbles and a few spots where the gel-coat was too thin. But I can mix up some more of the resin paste and fill those areas back in. And I will undoubtedly have a bunch of bodywork to do before this thing is ready for paint.

    But I think for the most part, it came out really well considering this was my first fiberglassing adventure.

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    What a great first time results!

    I got to take the plunge into learning fiberglass as well. I got some ideas that know can only be done this way.
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    Thanks Dewayne!

    Spent a good portion of the weekend cleaning up the side panel. I had to remove quite a bit of fiberglass and resin around the edges where the panel mates up with the case. Small oversight on my part, as I should have taped those areas off so I wouldn't glass over them. Ah well, a few extra hours of work and it now fits back on the case. I also exposed all the bubbles just under the surface so I could fill them in with more resin paste. I should be able to do some filling at some point this week, as it is supposed to be warmer.

    along with the cleanup, I managed to make a mold of side scoop I made a few months ago. If you recall, I carved the shape out of foam, then covered it with bondo.

    I prepped the scoop in the same way as the side panel form, sanding to 1000 grit, polishing compound, 4 coats of wax, 2 coats of PVA. I glued it down to the back side of the same aluminum sheet I had the side panel form on. Using the epoxy dough, I covered the scoop and let it set up overnight.

    The next morning, I popped it out of the mold. After a bit of cleanup and prep on the inner surface, it will be ready for fiberglass. I'll be able to make both scoops from this mold.

    Work continues...

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    Got the first side scoop done yesterday, as well as quite a bit of bodywork done on the side panel.

    I prepped the mold friday night, so I was ready to go first thing on Saturday. Here's a shot after laying down the fiberglass. First layer was the strand mat, followed by two layers of woven roving.

    Popped it out of the mold. Had one area where it stuck a bit, so I'll have to repair that before laying up the second scoop.

    Side by side comparison between the original foam scoop and the fiberglass piece.

    After trimming the scoop, I set it onto the side panel for a test fit. You can also see the bondo work, where I've been filling in the problem areas. I broke through all the bubbles near the surface and filled them back in with resin paste. After grinding them smooth, I went over the areas with bondo. I also went around the whole thing where the fiberglass meets up with the plastic panel and covered up the seam.
    That large patch of bondo is where I noticed a minor low spot in the fiberglass. I thought I had that part of the form pretty flat, but I guess not!

    I still have to trim the end of the scoop, and I'm thinking it's a bit too long so I'll take about an inch off.

    Once I get it trimmed down to where I want it, I'll cut the fan holes in the side panel and glue the scoop down using some resin paste. Then I'll finish it up with some more bondo.

    Looking forward to getting some primer on the whole thing so it's one solid color. Hopefully by next week! Thanks for reading.

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    Last weekend was more family time than modding time, but I did get some additional work done on the side panel, filling, sanding, and trimming. Was having difficulties fitting it back on the case. The fiberglass must have distorted or shrunk the bezel, so I had to trim most of the stock mounting tabs off and add new ones.

    But now it fits on the frame again, so I can start marking areas that need to be cut away, like the side scoop hole.

    Then I also brought the motherboard in and did a test fit so I could mark all the cable holes.

    Roughed out the IO plate and video card holes.

    I also started on the motherboard mounting, marking those holes. I'll be using some T-nut inserts from the back that will accept the stand-offs, which I will epoxy in place. I should have another update tonight on that. 'Til then!

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    Motherboard mounting progress...

    After marking the holes with a template, I drilled them out, then routed out a wider area for the T-nuts so they would sit flush.

    The T-nuts had barbs sticking up that needed to be flattened since they wouldn't be able to penetrate the fiberglass. I also drilled some holes around the outer base to have something for the resin to grab onto when I permanently set the T-nuts in place.

    A shot of the motherboard side with a standoff...

    I also got a bit more work done on the access hole cutouts, trimming and filing the edges down, and got another layer of bondo on the low spots of the panel. Which means more sanding grunt work in the very near future. yay!

    In other news, I picked up more of the pink stuff from Home Depot (had to drive 20 miles to the next town for it since the local HD doesn't carry it :x ).

    No, I won't be insulating my house with it. ;-) Got more pieces to fabricate, namely the top, front, and back panels. I might even start shaping the top panel this week, as I'm in need of a change of pace after all the work I've been doing on the side panel.

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    So I'm taking a breather from all the sanding and filling on the side panel, to do a little foam shaping for the top panel. I think I love this part the most, creating a shape totally from scratch.

    I cut four strips off the main sheet of foam and glued them together, making a solid block that fits in between the two side panels.

    Then I started shaving material off to get down to the basic shape I'm looking for. I want it to follow the contours of the side panels and raise up a bit more in the center to make room for the 420mm EK radiator and fans underneath.

    Starting to take shape now.

    The front of the top panel will have a dashboard hood feel over the lcd screen, which will display EVGA's Precision overclocking utility.

    A shot of the other side.

    Next I'll be relocating the top bars over the radiator, mounted parallel to each other. The new top panel design will need to accommodate the bars on both ends, so I'll have to work that into the foam as well.

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