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Thread: Cosmos Cruizer

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    Sorry I haven't had any time to wrap this thing up. Shortly after returning from PDXLAN, my mother had to be hospitalized briefly. She is back home now, but I'm spending all my free time with her until she gets better.

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    Sorry hear that Brian. I hope all turns out well.
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    Incredible as usual, the flames on the fans blew me away.

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    Guess it's safe to update this project log, now that I actually managed to finish it!

    Since my last post I've had a lot to deal with (two deaths in the family just 37 days apart), but I'm finally managing to get my head back in the neighborhood of sanity. Thanks to the much needed encouragement of my good friends, I was able to focus enough on this project to get it completed in time for PDXLAN last weekend. Here are a few pics from that LAN..

    It was great having the chance to step away from everything that has been going on recently. I really needed the therapy! I can't thank Richard Surroz and Brian Farrell enough for that.

    And special thanks to CPU Magazine for choosing my case (over all the other insanely killer builds entered) for the April cover! That was a truly awesome cap to a perfect getaway weekend. And to have three of my primary long-time sponsors present (Primochill, EVGA, and Crucial) to see the finished product in person was just icing on the modding cake!

    It was a long time in the making, but well worth it. I will be doing a proper photo shoot with the case next week. Until then!

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    Awesome case! Maybe someday I will see it in person.
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    Sorry for the long wait, but here are the final pics. Enjoy!

    Of course I would never have been able to build such an amazing case without the help of these amazing people..

    Thanks everyone!

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    Simply Awesome as usual bro, ... I WANT IT!

    "Moddin' ... Ain't It Cool!"

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