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Thread: PSU uncased

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    PSU uncased

    I'm currently building a PC into a small treasure chest type box. The PSU will not fit in the chest in its case. I've gutted the PSU from its shell and mounted it into the box, I am aware of the hazard of electric shock from touching nearly any part of the component but I have two questions.

    1) How can I properly ground the PSU now that it doesn't have a metal case?

    2) What issues would there be if I removed the power switch from it? Making it so that once it's plugged in it is immediately "hot" and providing power.

    Thanks in advance for the replies!

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    PSU uncased

    1) find your grounding screw and attach it directly to your case, pre-paint

    2) should not be any issues from by passing power switch, just know that power will go straight to the motherboard when it gets plugged in.

    bonus) keep cooling in mind. The shape and layout of psu enclosures are designed to aid in air flow. power supplies get very hot and you'll lose power if they get too hot. This is something often over looked and the biggest issue in removing or modding a psu enclosure.

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