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Thread: 48hour Lan Rig Build

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    48hour Lan Rig Build

    Sad news the Spinner Mod will not be ready for the up coming LanParty "Showdown"

    So I will be Building a Gaming Rig in 48hours (THE MADNESS) :evil:
    Me runs and gets all the Bling gear from the Spinner Project

    Here is the Gaming case I will be using ( NZXT LEX-001 Lexa Aluminum Mid Tower Case )

    Case Spec's

    * Screwless installation
    * Ultra Light Aluminum Chassis (5.8KG)
    * Stealthed clear side panel ( Optional )
    * Three temperature display meter
    * Reflective Metallic Painted Front Panel
    * Glossy Piano Black Finish
    * Low noise 1100 RPM Fans
    * Removable Dust Filters for Dust Prevention
    * Included Carrying Strap
    * Cable Organization via Rear Cage
    * Ext. Ports: 2 x USB 2.0, Mic, Firewire 1394 and Headphone Jack

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    48hour Lan Rig Build

    I love this Board :thumbsup:

    Board installed

    Wire clean-up

    Hiper, Video card and the Rapor Installed


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    48hour Lan Rig Build

    smexy.. what are the specs beside the x2 and raptor?

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    48hour Lan Rig Build


    Hyper48 Cooler spring clip mounts are too close to the Capacitors around the CPU

    I had to install the Spring Clips before installing the CPU (that was a tite fit) :shades:

    Fully Installed Cooler

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    48hour Lan Rig Build

    This is all for tonight ( I mean morning) :haha:

    Wire clean-up and installing other goods coming up next

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    48hour Lan Rig Build

    wow, 3:32am ... you are mad 8O

    ... too bad the other will not be ready in time, but I'm sure you will make this one an acceptable substitute in the mean time 8-)

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    48hour Lan Rig Build

    It's good, in a way, that Spinner Mod won't be done. Now you have (a little) less pressure and (a little) more time to work on it.

    Curious to see where this goes.

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    48hour Lan Rig Build

    Looks good and you can now work out any problems with the hardware now.

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    48hour Lan Rig Build

    Devil grill pic

    Inside Pic

    Pic at the LanParty

    WOOTS!!!! I played BF2 on it ALL WEEKEND

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    48hour Lan Rig Build

    Pimprig?'t it now called PCApex?

    Otherwise is looks great!

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