As previously stated this Mod is for my In Laws. Since CLOWNED is complete and a present for my mom, I thought my In laws should get a mod too, to replace their 500MHz Gateway. They or my wife have no knowledge of this project. Thus far I only have the following components:

(1) 80GB Seagate HD
(1) AMD Opteron 165 (1.8GHz) Dual Core
(1) Green Aspire X-Discovery Case

I will act as though the top of the case is the hood. Since I have limited ability in making a good looking scoop, I will be mounting an engine in the top of the case. The engine is the Dodge 426 Hemi. I want to tie in a 20mm fan that once cooled the Northbridge chipset to the crank. I'm hoping it will spin the engine fan without makiung it fall apart, but I won't know till I try.

Here's some concept pics of what I'm looking to do. I used Google Sketchup and then did a print screen to save them as .jpg's. The concept pics aren't final. I still need to add the stripes to the concept pics.

And so it begins again. Join me on another adventure.