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Thread: project:Tony Montana

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    getting the far right hand side of the bezel together. only adding a power button to this piece. the power and hard drive leds will go into the back of the plexi, which will go into the the frame itself. the hinge screws extend into the plexi which will bare the weight of the frame door. other buttons, rocker switches, and/or pentameters i add go behind the bezel doors on the front frame itself .

    also got started on the mother board and power supply tray.. red and white leds will go into these to light the edges of them.

    ive been looking at led controllers and am giving some thought to using one in this build, though i plan on only using red and white leds ..

    more updates to come soon. thanks for looking.

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    got this piece all put together . i will be spraying the back side of the plexi black

    more later, thanks.....

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    small updates. just a little bit of paint. ive been getting a little bit of work in on this project almost daily, which is a really good thing, considering how busy ive been.

    gold flaked and clear coated parts of the case feet. should be ready to put them together for good soon.

    sprayed some flat white on the bezel just to bring out the imperfections before sanding , these will be sprayed gold so they need to be really smooth.

    sprayed gold flake and clear on the psu fan. the after pics are not too telling but it came out good. .

    thats all for now, as always thanks for looking.

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    these pieces are coming together. cant wait to see them lit up.

    when i started on this case i had a whole other idea for it and planned to use a piece of plexi as a back panel brace for the psu. the original psu and vent were not standard atx size and i was a little aggresive when cutting. hence the gap.

    i thought of couple of ways of locking the psu into place. what i came up with is a metal frame that will go into a wooden frame that wil be attached to the back the the case itself. that frame will be sprayed gold.

    got alot of sanding done on the bezel frames and resprayed them. let them dry a day or so and do it again.

    more updates soon, thanks for looking.

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    small update: the weather just won't cooperate so i have not got much done. but i did get to a few other things.
    i changed my mind about spraying the wooden part of the psu bracket gold, so red it is. the small metal bracket which goes inside the wooded one will only have about and quarter of an inch visible, so im going to spray it black with the gold flake.

    wet paint. flat black then the red.

    final version of the case feet. just lacking the leds. painted the top third of the glass. however i didn't paint the top of the lip or the inside. with the washer on, there is a small gap of clear glass around it, this is intentional, and should give it a cool effect when lit.

    removed the frames from the top case panel, to sand and paint. the two side vent frames need some touching up too.

    got the psu tray and mobo tray positioned and marked for cutting and drilling. get that done today.

    the front intake vent.

    the 120mm fan will be mounted to plexi which will be mounted to the case.

    i will do a round vent cut out in the plexi and light it.

    more to come soon, thanks for looking.

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    got the bezel and the case frames sanded down really smooth. 1000 followed by 2000 grit sand paper. i thought i might at least get some paint laid down, but it was not that type of day. nasty outside. today still ended up being pretty productive.

    good thing is all those pieces are ready of the next step. i did get some flat black laid down on the psu frame before the wind kicked up. glued down some washers to reinforce the psu screw holes, the metal bracket attaches to the wood with screws and i will add a little epoxy before seating it in the wood for the last time.

    after that i did some etching for the first time. this one was just practice but this etching is the idea for the hard drive access door/frame. it will be backlit.

    trying it out in the extra frame i had.

    colored in the lettering with a dry erase.

    using the original piece of glass as the cover changes the look. cool.

    the colors match well. im wondering about the red lettering under a red led. im going to need to wire up the leds to test the look fully. red, amber, and white. im thinking two of each color, each on opposing sides of the frame.

    as always thanks for looking.

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    got some paint laid down this morning.

    top window and side vent frames.

    psu frame

    power switch/led plexi panel. sprayed the back of this thing. painted in reverse too , gold flake then black. the front stays clear. also painted the little pieces that lock the top panel in to place.

    the access door hinges and the outside pieces of the panel locks

    and i wait.............

    that's all for now, tonight i hope to finished the front fan intake bracket and get the mobo and psu trays in. thanks for looking.

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    got the front intake bracket pretty much finished. counter sunk the screws that attach to the out side frame, added a few holes for leds later. went with a square blow hole because it fits the theme and the case better than a round one would have.

    made sure every thing lined up.

    did a stencil last night of the initials

    the initials go in the middle of the intake, on the front of the mesh....something like this.

    right now im thinking of drilling into the initials and attaching each with a a small screw going through the mesh. hole placement like so........

    thought i might get all the pieces from the center piece that came out of the frame, but it was cutting it really close.

    and they're cut, just need a little bit of polishing around the edges is all.

    the clean up....."ChiChi! ...Get the yeyo"

    thats all for now, more soon. Thanks for looking.

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    small update. steady progress. got all the frame pieces wet sanded 2000 grit sand paper. get the case done tonight. and spray everything down again in tomorrow.

    placement and fitting the logo. probably going to elevate these piece off the vent a couple of millimeters. ill drill the holes and finish shaping them tonight so i can spray them tomorrow too. i only pulled the plastic off the back of them so far and im going to just spray the back at first to check the look out.

    more soon. thanks for looking.

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    top case panel sanded down.

    sprayed it and the frames.

    more soon. thanks for looking.

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