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    getting there man.... you know its a million "little" things now.

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    small update. steady progress.
    fixed the res, no leaks. the rad is good as well. the cpu block i reworked because the fittings were touching the copper on the back of the plate and still had a few more millimeters before sitting flush. so i added a third piece of plexi. the fitting are flush now and still not touching the copper and no leaks. i also added a few more blots to it. the pump, has been taken apart twice about to put it back together and test it again.

    put the fan back together and check them out.

    i have been so busy working the kinks out of the loop, i have not had time to sleeve the psu yet, but that will be next.

    more soon. thanks.

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    small update. steady progress.

    i got the psu all sleeved and ready. i went with paracord because the sleeving from the kit is see through. i will still be using some of it for the fans and leds wires.


    started putting on the front bezel.

    no pics but i may have to go with anther pump. i do have a back up, hope to have that worked out by the end of the weekend.
    in the mean time i put the rest of the case together.

    next up wiring and installing the leds and switches, getting the pump together and the loop installed, then power on and rounding up some more hardware.

    more soon. thanks for looking

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    small update steady progress.
    got the white leds in the case.

    i put it back together and checked the look out.

    i decided to frost the mobo and psu back plates.

    i also got the red leds wired and in the back plates, pics soon.
    the leds for the feet and logo in the bezel.

    more soon. thanks.

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