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Thread: project:Tony Montana

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    project:Tony Montana

    Another resurrection!!! But with this one I decided to change the theme all together. Originally I was thinking a marble orange paint with florescent orange plexi. Then about a week ago I a new idea hit me: Scarface.

    The aim of this build is a pc that “could have” been sitting right on Tonys desk and “would have” matched or fit in with every thing else in the room.
    this is the case I started with. An old heavy no name Pentium 2. I did the cuts and the white base coat about two years ago and have not touched it since.

    Once I decided to rework it with the Scarface theme I pretty much knew just what I what to do, its pretty much all planned out in my head.

    The front panel will be a solid red piece of plexiglass, prob uv reactive(ima check around this week). The lettering will be cut out as will space for the optical drive and a usb/av control deck. To the far left will be the power, reset, and led power switches.

    The basic idea for the the case window. Etched and back lit in red.

    Mock parts just checking for fit positioning and space. Also tried two different shades of red…neither.

    Found the perfect dark deep red.

    With the top panel ill be adding a little but of gold flake and a lot of coats of clear. Also planning on adding some gold embellishment in the style of most of the gold things in Tonys office.

    More to come soon. Thanks for looking.

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    project:Tony Montana

    Ok minor update, this going to be a "window" frame. Going to cut, fit, attach togther and spray them gold. Think I'm going to drill a few holes in the case and attach the frames with really small screws, since the wood is thin.

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    project:Tony Montana

    I will be mountings the top window with a frame as well but bigger and more "tony". On both of these side vents im thinking about overlaying the mesh with plexi cut out letters but not sure yet.....more to come soon. Thanks for looking.

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    project:Tony Montana

    Got some working in on the paint the the side vent frames. Tomarrow need to do some wet sanding and get the case ready for the final coats.

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    pulled this project back off the shelf and made alot of progress on the case, pics coming soon....

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    i knocked the dust off and begun to move forward with this project. found the perfect frame for the top of the case. under the glass i will place a back lit plexiglass with an etch of thethe figure on the dvd cover. or something like that.

    i changed my mind on the front bezel, im going wih doors that swing open and closed and hide the drive bays. i have not decided exactly what im going to display in the frames in the front bezel. the fan frame (left one) needs to be shortend about a half inch and the one to the far right will be removed and replaced with a power control panel.

    im between and small lcd display and / or back lit acrylic cut outs. maybe both.

    the feet. glass and iron. i will add leds to them. im thinking red and white leds for the entire project.

    the psu. pretty simple. black fan, psu guts, and red leds come after a wet sand and another coat of paint.

    more pics coming soon.....i still got to catch this worklog up.

    thanks for looking.

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    a couple more pics


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    more work on the feet...the beads match the paint well combined with leds they look pretty cool.

    drilled athe few holes through the top of the case to attach the frames with screws. the top panel and the frames are pretty much ready for a final wet sand and paint.

    thanks for looking.

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    hopefully ill have the bezel all trimed up put together and finshed by the end of this weekend. more pics soon.

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    when i drill in to metal i usually place a small magnet near the drill bit to collect the dust.

    in placing the feet i stuck with the cut outs for the original rubber stoppers.

    i have some molding that iam thinking of using along the bottom of the case..not sure but once the front bezel drys and i put it on, i will see how it looks.

    idea for the metal cut out placed on the fan intake grill.

    more updates soon thanks for looking..

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