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    Well It seems today that the computer gods were against me. First I started getting the bsod. Then some of my files became corrupt, then my display driver went crazy. So I used my dads dell winxp home edition install disc. I had to reformat and try to install 5 times and on the 5th time it finally worked. I get online and bam virus central! I got attacked by 3 trojans and imon.exe! I killed them all :twisted: I think its finally safe to say the gods of computers like me again. I boot into windows in 11seconds

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    Theres nothing like a fresh install of windows and it booting in 11 secs.

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    I spoke too soon. This hdd is going to hell in a hand basket, I keep losing files. Gonna have to reformat my hdd with all my music and stuff :*(

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    ... did it boot? :lol:

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    lol my poor 10 gb hard drive YOU KILLED IT

    although i gave it to you lol it only likes senior not assassin.

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    Yes apparently. I'm just gonna keep enough space freed up on my 80gig for when this one craps out for good i have room to set up windows.

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    I take that back, In my eyes it has died completely time to install windows again.

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    Ive found old hard drives perform better with a nice fan+heatsink. Everything runs better when properly cooled.
    One of these might do the trick I refuse to not use one if there is space for it in the drive cage

    You kinda get screwed on shipping though.

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    Well I have a 78CFM fan blowing across it... cooling isn't the problem its just old and getting ready to die is all.

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    yea me thinks its ready to die.

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