Hiya Guys and Girls,

I am back again with yet another new build that i hope you all will enjoy as much as my Requiem ,Venom and Mass Effect 3 NZXT Switch 810 Builds.

Index Will be in the 2nd Post of this Log to make viewing the Log more enjoyable.

I have been doing allot of Case Mods lately,the ones you guys have seen and a few were for relatives so i really wanted to do something a little different. Also I am still not ready to release a Scratch build yet as i want that to be very special when i do.

I have been Totally Fascinated of a company in Italy (Being Italian Myself) named Dimastech. I have seen the guy with the username Dimas doing some insane things with subzero cooling and building some crazy high quality Machines first. After noticing that i seen he also owned a company and as i mentioned it was Dimastech . One look one his website and i was blown away ! I was just going to go out and buy one of their benches as they are very reasonably priced and Extremely High Quality.But i decided on something else. Since i was already doing Sponsored builds i thought this would be the perfect chance to show the world Dimastech Benches but in my own special way.

First off as i start all my Projects:

Here is the Victim !

(Rads in Photo are not included with Bench)

Now for The Sponsors that will be joining me on another exciting Build.

Lets all give these guys a Huge Round of applause for making this build possible.







More Sponsors may be joining also i hope.

Take Care and Keep Watching,