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Thread: "MybadOmen's" New NZXT Build ?

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    Any updates on your build?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedBump View Post
    Any updates on your build?
    ? I have been adding Updates, Just added the Side Panel update a few days ago and adding another now you might like. More of an Update/Guide.

    - - - Updated - - -


    Just a couple of updates and i would like to give a huge Thank you to EKWB and AVEXIR for their support in this build making this update and others even possible.

    First Update/Guide is Installing EK's new Universal Dominator Ram Adapters and X2 CSQ Ram Blocks to a set of AVEXIR Core Series 2400mhz C10 Ram the good stuff (Hynix) :

    To start here is what the AVEXIR Core Series Ram looks like and it lights Up with flashing Blue lights which i am not fond of and def don't fit this build.(But they would be sweet in a Blue themed build)

    The nice Hynix set not the Elpida's they also come in

    Ok Lets get started with the Update/Guide Now and this should apply for any ram you decide to use:

    First use a blow dryer or Heatgun to free the thermal pads holding the stock heat sinks on the Ram,Be careful with using to much heat or you will damage the ram but use enough that you don't ruin the stock heatsinks in case you want to re install them some day.

    After heating Slightly pull apart as shown in the Photo, if its not coming apart add more heat but be gentle and patient:

    Here you will see with the AVEXIR Core series a light bar will also come out and you can see the Thermal Pad that holds the Heatsinks on (Its tough stuff to get off)

    And the Ram now Naked ,Sexy

    Next we open the EK Ram Dominator Module Adapter Kit and here are the contents: 4 nice looking EK Heatsinks with the EK logo , 4 strips of Thermal Pads, All screws needed to Install and as always they supply the tools and last is the directions which if following this guide you dont really need

    Ok next step is to cut the Thermal Pads to fit over each Ram Module (Some people stretch the thermal Pads but i prefer to cut them)

    Now after all the thermal pads are applied (AND DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE PLASTIC ON BOTH SIDES OF THE THERMAL PADS) Sorry for caps but it is that important. After all pads are on and plastic is removed Place the ram onto the EK heatsink as shown,Tight to the top and centered.

    Next simply Put the top on carefully without moving the pads around and install the correct 3 screws to secure the ram into the Heatsinks.

    And its that simple you now have any ram ready to use EK's Dominator Series Blocks

    Next i will just show quickly as its pretty simple to actually install the blocks to the ram.Here is the Box and the Contents when buying a block. This particular block is the CSQ Nickel Plexi x2 block (Meaning its for 2 sticks that are sitting in slots right next to each other) If running 2 sticks in Dual channel on an 1155 socket board etc you would want the X4 block as you would have spacing between the ram slots.

    Simply Apply the enclosed Thermal Pad to the Block (remembering to remove both plastics)

    Install your Ram onto your Motherboard before putting the block on the ram and then use the enclosed hardware and tool to secure the blocks to the ram.

    And when done the blocks really give a great result for one in looks and 2 they are great for when going for very high Ram clocks with high voltages.

    Hope you enjoyed this Update/Guide and more to come soon and again Thank You EKWB and AVEXIR.


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    And yet another Quick Update,This update is Painting the CSQ Black GTX680 Ram Plates and my EK XTX360 and XTX240 White to match the Theme i am aiming for in the end.

    Here are the Stock CSQ Ram plates i will be starting with.

    Next i mask off the nice Silver EK logo (or they can be purchased from EK if you prefer to replace them but i will just mask them. For Prep work since i will be using Fusion paint by Krylon i will only be washing the Plates in water with dawn dish soap to remove any oils that might be on the plates then lights sanding them with a fine wet/dry sandpaper (after masking the Logo) and least before painting i will wipe it down with 70% Alcohol and Tak ragging it to make sure there is no dust.

    The only Paint i use unless using my real paint guns (Great on Plastic,Metal you name it)

    And the Ram Plates after paint. I applied a light Tack coat first then since its fast dry paint applied another even coat every 5 minutes roughly till got the desired finish.

    And as you can see they look Very Sexy in white and will go perfect with the white/Black/Chrome theme i am aiming for (Might bring another color in but not sure yet)

    Next for the Rads. Both were dont the same way using the same prep method as above.Only difference is i used my G1/4 plugs i have just for painting to keep paint out of the Rad and threads and i masked all the fins on both sides of the Rad which you will see why in a second.

    Next for the painting again using the same method as i used on the Ram Plates. One thing i forgot to mention is always warm a can of spray paint in some warm water it will spray much nicer and give a more professional look when done.

    Here is where i said it makes a big difference masking the fins and threads, It gives a very professional look ,basically like it was sold this way.Not to mention no restriction of airflow painting the fins.

    There will be 4 Enermax Cluster Fans on the XTX240 and 6 on the XTX360 but other then that you cant tell me that don't look sweet,especially when all the fans are lit up white as well.

    And dont mind the build as its a bit messy because there is still much to do but you can get the idea how much nicer its looking just by changing thye color of a few parts here and their to fit the Theme.

    Hope you Enjoyed the Update and again Thank You Enermax,Nvidia and EK for helping to make this and other updates possible.

    Keep watching More Updates Soon !


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    Thanks for the updates. Project is full on groovy. Keep at it.

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    Like to give a huge thank you to all Modders Inc. members
    or to any visitors that came to view my logs. Modders Inc. has been here along time and i have always felt at home and fully supported by everyone here so i like to take this second to give a Huge Thank You to all of you.

    Take Care each and every one of you,


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    After a while i realised something about the build didnt seem right to me and i couldnt put my finger on it but it drove me crazy.So what did i do? I tore it all the way back down again including the Rivets.

    First off i decided there wasn't enough white inside for what i am aiming for yet i didnt want any white paint on the back off the case or anywhere on the ouside besides where i intend to put it. So first step was wash the whole case (In my Tub) with dawn Dish soap then put it outside to dry in the sun. I thing sanded the whole inside by hand with a 500 grit sandpaper since the paint i will be using has its own built in adhesion promoter i don't have to go down any more course then 500.I then washed the case again and set it out to dry again.

    Here is what i had after tearing Legion back down:

    First thing i did was used some nice Vinyl masking i have that works way better then masking tape for getting in tight places etc.

    After using a squeegee and making sure no paint could get through the masking in the back i finished masking the rest i didn't want painted.

    Next for Painting the Case, I said earlier in the logs i would not be using my Paint guns on this build as there really is no need to so i will be using Krylon Fusion White paint which is the only paint i now use when not using my guns.

    After Painting you can see how good of a job the Vinyl Masking does:

    I also drilled the rivets out on the back motherboard tray and the PCI I/O Shield holder sorry forgot the name right this second but the part you screw your GPUs etc to on the motherboard and the I/O cover sits in.Anyway i painted that as well and its time to put it back in without scratching any paint. To do that simply put masking tape over the tip of your Rivet gun and poke a hole through to place the rivets. This way if you slip you are allot more protected but still try not to slip

    - - - Updated - - -

    Next i was weary about messing with my Motherboard and Voiding the warranty as almost everything i have the warranties have been voided and these Motherboards are not cheap. But i said screw it and started to work on the Motherboard.

    Removing the Mosfet Heatsink: (and as you can see the EK block bracket has been painted white as well)

    Naked Mosfets:

    Now prepping for Paint (all i did here was washed them down good with a 70% alcohol and masked what i didnt want painted off)

    And now for the Chipset Cooler:

    and of course since this is Pron , the naked Chipset of the Asus Rampage Formula IV X79:

    Same goes for the Chip set cooler but first i had to get the Asus aluminum plate off which sorry i forgot to take photos of. But this is how i did it. To remove the Asus Plate i used a heat gun and a razor hobby knife and carefully heated the plates while sliding the knife under the glue itself to try to keep the glue intact.You have to be very careful and take your time or you will bend the Aluminum plate.pretty basic though really if you ever modded anything.

    Here is the Chipset cooler all masked yet again only where i want the paint is showing.

    You might be asking what i painted the mosfet and chipset cooler with as i seen the question asked many times before, Or you might be asking if it will lose its heat transferring capabilities do to the paint. The answer is will i with this method no. But yes paint can def interfere with cooling capabilities of a heat sink if 1) Its the wrong kind of paint 2) Its sprayed to thick 3) I also believe a shiny gloss paint can also have a bad effect even if only be a few degrees tops.

    Anyway here is what i used and why. Krylon High Heat & Radiator Paint is the paint i chose for this project and the reason was because its semi flat but still looks bright white even using very little paint on the coolers, Plus it can run 600 degrees F forever of it can even handle temps of 1200F for short periods of time. So to me it was a no brainer and the perfect paint for the job. oh yeah and one other reason is a non gloss paint tends to breathe better or be more porous then a gloss would. Ok back to the photos

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    Painted Mosfet cooler:

    Painted Chipset Cooler:

    Motherboard back together: (used ICDiamond for TIM if anyone was wondering)

    And some Final shots of what i have done so far:

    Hope you guys like it still tons to do but im starting to be happier with it now.

    Take Care and keep Modding guys,

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    Tiny Update:

    Not a Huge update but just something i am happy to have been able to get the parts to make. Here is the Custom Primochill Vortex Flow Indicator going into Legion. Like i said nothing huge its just a stock Vortex that i had the company make me a chrome/mirrored wheel and new white back plate for.Also if you look close you can see Primochill's brand new Revolver series Rigid Compression fittings which i had the pleasure of getting first before they were sent out to resellers.Huge Thanks to Primochill for their support on this build and hope you guys like this tiny update.

    Just had to share it as i think it came out beautiful. (Bunch of different views)

    Hope you like the Photos and i will post some more soon as i got a bunch of new parts to get some more sleeving and making cables up done. Plus some other modding materials i want to keep secret until those updates come.Seeing camp is over in a couple weeks for the winter you'll be seeing allot more of me soon.

    Take Care My Friends and Keep Modding,


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    This Update i would like to Thank Crucial for coming on board and helping to make this build possible by their Sponsorship of 2 Crucial 240Gig SSD's for me to Mod and run Raid 0 Striped in Legion for superior performance when shes finished.I have always loved Crucial Products not only for their blazing fast yet reliable SSD's but also for their Great Ram! (Also like to Thank Primochill for use of their New Wet Bench to Benchmark these Drives for you guys.

    Huge Thanks to Crucial !

    First off i would like to say the M500 Series SSD's are just as fast as they say they are but i find it incredible you can get from 120Gig drive all the way to a 940Gig! And at a reasonable price to top it all off.

    Anyway my point isn't to advertize the SSD's but rather to show you them and the benchmarks and explain how i will be Modding them. (As much as possible at this point in time)

    Here is What Arrived from Crucial for the Legion Build:

    Here is the Bench i will be Benchmarking on.

    First i will show you the drives ,then give you the bench Specs and lastly the benchmarks.

    Opening the M500 box you dont find much beyond a Quality SSD:

    And a spacer to make the 7mm SSD fit in a 9.5mm space.

    And that's about it for whats in the box. (A sticker would of been cool but performance and reliable are all i care about)

    Next i mount the M500's on the Wet Bench and get ready to start benching:

    And here is the setup i will be using for these benchmarks today:

    I have no need to drop GPU's on the setup and i swapped the ram out from whats in the photo.Which i will explain in the Specs.

    Test Bench Setup for the Crucial M500 Benchmarks Running Raid 0 Striped.

    Test Bench: Primochill Wet Bench white/white
    Cpu: Intel i5-4670k @ 4.5Ghz 1.34v
    Motherboard: MSI G-45 Z87 Gaming Board 1150 Socket.
    Memory: 8 Gigs Xtreme Team 2400 Mhz C10
    Drives: 2 Crucial 240Gig M500 SSD's Raid 0 Striped.
    PSU: Cougar 850 watt
    Random Watercooling

    And to save on Picture space i added all Benchmarks in 1 Photo:

    As you can See in Atto the drives easy Break 1,000Mbs Read and all other tests show the drives to be pretty much close across the boards just showing that these drives do perform extremely well.Also installing in Windows 7 64bit was a walk in the park.

    For any of those Interested i also added the Windows Experience Index score for you as well:

    The Modding Part: These drives will be Modded in White and Chrome yet still carry the Crucial M500 name on them when done.

    Thank You for watching this update and the benchmarks and keep an eye out for the actual Modding of the SSD's to come shortly.


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