This update will be a 2 part update do to the amount of Photos i separated it into 2 parts that still make sense.

This Update will be on the GPU's and Blocks going into Legion.Legion will be running 2 Nvidia GTX680's with EK's new CSQ line of blocks and there installation .

First off here is the package sent by Nvidia as part of the sponsorship of the Legion build.

Ok lets get started. In this update i will go over doing a single card as if i was going to only run 1. Here is the 680 we will be working on.

First on these cards its very important not to miss this screw on the GPU bracket or you have a chance of breaking your card.

Next you want to remove all the screws on the back of the card that it says to remove in you block instructions. Use directions as it varies from GPU to GPU.

Now carefully split the stock cooler from the GPU also being careful of the small fan wire when separating them. Unplug the Fan wire and you should end up with something like this.

Remove all the thermal Pads and clean the thermal paste from the GPU itself.So its nice and clean like this:

At this point cut the new thermal pads according to your instructions and apply them to the card where the directions also show. And add new thermal paste to the GPU of your choice.I think i used MX4 and you can do the pea sized drop or use an X pattern when applying.That's up to you.I didnt show this photo as the directions should def be used for this part.

Here is the block i will be using the EK FC 680 GTX CSQ block (Nickel/Plexi)

Place the block on the card gently with the screws ready to go.Try not moving the block around at all once you set it down.

Next its time to add the back plate that i should mentioned has to be purchased separately from the block. Here is EK's new CSQ Back plate. I think its damn sexy.

And finally here is what a single GTX680 looks like dressed in EK CSQ Nickel/Plexi Block and Back plate.

Of course there are many different fitting configurations you use on a single card setup like this with the new CSQ blocks.I am only showing this setup as there were complaints or rather confusion when the cards first releases but now EK added another block that gives more options with the newer kits so all issues are gone with that problem. Sorry i got my blocks early so i dont have that adapter to show since i dont need it anyway.

Take care guys and will show the Dual setup in Next Update which will be a short update.