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Thread: Project Hulk rage mod (Thermaltake 2012 case mod contest)

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    Project Hulk rage mod (Thermaltake 2012 case mod contest) (finished)

    Whats up every one back again with new project do you like hulk do you like thermaltake see how both these awesome come together i will leave you guys with pic

    This design had win in the first stage of voting and get the first place hopeful we do our best to make this mod one of the best

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    hey every one here is molding and lights and me turning to hulk

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    back with fiberglass and fix the arm with hand paint the avenger logo and color the case and arm green to see how they look like in green


    going to use auto filler and sand see you all dead end is before October 31th thanks for looking

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    okay here some work i have done

    hmmm guess what is this ??

    more soon

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    here update befor the last pic yes last pic this the head great idea come from my brother so here is the pic

    last pic tonight boyssssssssss

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    yes final pic are here wish you enjoy dont forget if you like it vote for it thanks wait for me in my next mod

    thanks for looking vote soon

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