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Thread: How to make a DIY 30" Metal Brake

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    How to make a DIY 30" Metal Brake

    Here is what it looks like completed.....This is just a basic 30" metal brake made from scrap steel. With this one you will be able to make multiple simple bends in sheet metal or aluminum. Eventually I will add "fingers" so that I can make complete 4 sided boxes.
    Follow the tutorial to make one yourself and be sure to see the short video at the end

    Material I used....10" channel, 2 pieces of 2 1/2"X2 1/2"X1/4" angle iron, 3/4" pipe, 1/2" pipe, 2-3/4" nuts, 2-3/4" thread plugs, 2-3/4" thread couplings, 2-3/4" metal washers and 2-3/8"X 1 1/2" long bolts (not shown)

    First I buffed all the rust and then started
    laying out where I will make the needed cuts for the hinges

    I will use 3/4" pipe for the hinges and a 1/2" pipe for the pins

    Just more pics showing what I will need to cut out. I am using a Metabo with a 6" cutting disc to make the cuts. Let the sparks fly!

    You will now need to drill a couple holes to mount down the actual piece that your material will bend against. You can use a drill motor to do this, but it sure helps if you have a drill press. I drill 1/2" holes to accept 3/8" bolts

    Test fitting the 2 pieces together

    I tack welded the nuts to the bottom side (not shown)

    Test fitting the hinges before welding them in place

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    Now time to weld the hinges in place,
    as this is somewhat critical that you get them to line up as perfect as possible. If you do not your bends may not be perfect.

    Now lets make the pins......I used 1/2" pipe and 3/4" nuts, welded them together and then polished them up a bit so that the would slide easily into the 3/4" hinges.

    Time to see how well the pins and hinges work....... A perfect fit!

    Finally all we have to do is make the handles. I used 1/2" pipe about 30" long.
    This is where I used the threaded couplings and the thread plugs. I welded the plugs to the end of the pipe and then welded the couplings to the bottom side of the forward support bracket

    Time to bend some aluminum....

    I use a ratchet to quickly tighten down the bolts

    Now lets see how good she works......

    Not to bad if I say so myself!

    Check out this quick video showing how the Metal Brake works

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