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Thread: Jet Mod - Thermaltake case modding mania 2012

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    Jet Mod - Thermaltake case modding mania 2012 - Completed

    Hi all,

    this is my mod for the Thermaltake case modding mania contest.

    Here is the Level10 GTS case

    First start building the cockpit with styrofoam

    here are the wings, made for a plane model, but not good enough

    will be fixed with magnets, so that can be removed for transportation

    and last filler putty

    more updates coming soon.
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    new update

    first cockpit glass

    and primer, on the wings also

    time to disassemble the case

    and start painting something

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    start painting, first white color on the wings and cockpit

    then masked the other parts and black paint first

    then after another mask blue paint

    and unmask

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    paint work on the side panels and wings...

    and time to unmask

    first assembly tests

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    Final update

    HD Pictures

    Not too bad, considering that this has been my first mod on a case!!

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    Final volte is open
    like thermaltake page and like the picture

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