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Thread: Normandy Revo

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    Normandy Revo

    Based on Mass Effect Game, specifically the first version of the vessel Normandy SSV SR1

    Case: Thermaltake Armor Revo
    Colors: black, white and red
    Contest webpage: Full tower group category

    concept images:

    -MooZ Out-

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    Starting with airbrush, giving the black and white colors, after the ship detail. Also some "System alliance" logos.
    Some changes functional and esthetic from original sketch.

    -MooZ Out-

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    Finishing with the tail, first measuring with MDF, and later cutting acrilic, paint it and fix it to the top.

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    Sorry for been so off... but i have to move house and later setup a proper place to work. Meanwhile i was concentrated, analyzing overall design and thinking how to use in the case to show much as possible. The result make me change some colors and improve some details. Later start building the side' motors from original sketch. See the pics:

    -MooZ out-

    - - - Updated - - -

    More this time!!... painting the side's engines and putting the bays and left cover fan grill (i'm not gonna use anymore :P)

    -MooZ Out-

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    here, the final pics!

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