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Thread: Speaker Wire mod

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    Speaker Wire mod

    I am looking for a mod for speaker wires. I have a 7.1 setup. I love it. But there are wire EVERY WHERE! Please help me with the kind of wire management.

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    Speaker Wire mod

    tie wraps. scotch tape. wire groments. thats how the back of my setup was when i had 5.1 i ran it along the wall at the very bottong using tie wraps and nails.

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    Speaker Wire mod

    What I did with My system (5.1) was to buy the wire to match the trim in the room. Dark wood so I got Brown Speaker wire for the rear channels and just used Telephone staples to tack it to the trim so it doesn't stand out. the sub is tucked in a corner and the cable is black but same Idea. keep The wires out of direct sight and neat, most people won't notice. {there is still a lot of cable behind the entertainment stand :roll: but Breadties is my answer}

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