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Thread: Cooler Master Scout 2 Camo Edition

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    Cooler Master Scout 2 Camo Edition

    Its been a crazy summer & fall , and has been a blast with my family and friends, but back into the garage i go for a few projects. First project is the New Cooler master Scout 2 case, Having a military name and theme on the box i am definitely going with a camo theme

    The case has a very sleek design and the Handle on top is great for lan gaming

    I like the window, but since i will be watercooling i will be removing the fan grills and making it bigger

    planning on removing one or both hard drive cages to make room for teh water cooling

    Time to break it all down

    using the scout insignia on the side panel

    Camo paracord just need in a few other builds this will be perfect.
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    One would think growing up hunting a fishing i would be able to paint camo that wasnt the case lol . It took me three tries and several stencils before i begin to like the design .
    sanded and Primed

    black then brown


    a few touches up and it will be finished

    Started cutting out the Guns and skull out of plexi. I ended up redoing the skull

    testing the position

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    Touching up a few spots

    I will be cutting out a bigger Window , I did like how this look but going water cooling make a pretty easy descion for me to do it.

    sorry a little blurry

    The paint seems to flow to gether nicely

    Camo, aluminum and Mesh from the case what could i make?

    using the logo from the CM scout 2 box

    no fingers where lost this time ( where my thumb?) jk

    alittle touch of paint suggestion from my friend Haley!!!

    More to come thanks for looking

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    A little break for the holiday Back to modding, Adding another cut out on the case . using a new blade and u can make some nice tight cuts with this.

    Cm red

    but the finish looks pretty good

    Making room for the 240 rad for the front of the case, The optical drive bays made it too snug, i no longer use optical drives so one less bay wont hurt. so time to bring the dremal out

    Fits now

    Stayed tuned more to come!!

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    Next up The camo shroud for the interior!!! Dremal Time

    mesuring it up

    getting ready to make a bend, now wear did i put that bender( all 250 lbs of it)

    It was alot harder to bend than i thought, I need to eat some more and try again

    time to to connect them

    test fit

    sand down my edge

    a little paint

    a little camo

    More to come!!!

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    In order to be stealthy We need to add some silent fans, But clear isnt going to work.

    One of my fav thing about these fans i sthe fan just pops off

    Flat Black

    next up sleeving

    little ass screw drive does have a purpose

    all yea camo sleeving

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    A couple of cool things about this pc , its headed to CES in las Vegas in Jan ( super excited). I will have to finish with the components when its gets back, It also entered inot the 2012 coolermaster case mod contest If you like it please follow the link on facebook also vote for your favorite thank you

    Thanks for watching keep watching after the new year for the New components

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    Last nite to vote for the 2012 Cooler Master MOD contest. throw some support by casting a vote!!!

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    Well The case Made it to vegas and to CES 2013 in one piece,

    Wes from Lanoc took some really nice Pics of the cases In the cooler Master Suite and I thought i would Share

    Hope this will hold you over

    Thanks for looking !!!

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