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Thread: Enermax Ostrog - CES build

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    Enermax Ostrog - CES build

    Hi guys-

    I am in the midst of a nice build for Enermax again. This will be showcased in their booth at CES this coming year.

    For starters, this is an amazing case that retails for around $50! It's a hell of a great deal.

    They come black or white with a choice of different color trim rings in the front.

    The plans for this case are -

    Stripped to bare metal
    Cut window a little bit bigger and do a flush mount.
    Remove red trim ring and make a custom lighted acrylic piece to go in it's place.
    Custom crazy paint job of course! Red with white accents (more on this later).

    The hardware is mostly sponsored. (more on that later)

    Enermax has sponsored the build and provided the case, power supply, cpu cooler, and a box full of fans!
    Please support them as they are very good to modders/gamers -

    Ok I know everyone just wants pics so here is a start -

    Here is the shipment of goods to get me rolling

    The case out of the box

    Another front shot. It shows the trim ring. I have something really cool planned for this.......

    And after a little time in the shop I got it torn down, window cut, and ready for stripping. Then comes the fun part.... fresh paint!

    Again, I would really like to thank Enermax for being so great to work with. They are a great bunch of people.

    Stay tuned.
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    Well I was happy to be home today so I could sign for this package -

    From my AMD sponsor - 7950 X 2

    Thank you to AMD for supporting me, but more importantly, supporting the modding/gaming industry. 8)

    Please remember to support them back . .

    Sooooo pretty! Too bad I'm going to take them apart and paint them.

    Speaking of paint.

    I'll show you the concept for this paint job now since it will be a little while before it's done. I have a little more stripping to do and then I'll get started.

    Since this is for CES it has to get a lot of attention so it has to be wild. The brighter the better and obviously some craziness will help.

    I totally suck at Photoshop and Gimp, etc. so this is not exactly a beautiful representation but I think you'll easily get the idea...

    So it will be super bright red, high gloss, and on the right side panel I will put a nice Ostrog logo in the middle. The inside will be the solid red with white fans and accents here and there.

    Should get some attention eh?
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    I am doing white paracord sleaving on the cables so I did the 8 pin tonight to see how well the white color hides the color of the wire underneath. As I suspected, you can see a little bit of the wire color show through but it's not real bad so I think I'll be ok. The camera picks it up a little.

    I'm doing all my paracord with no shrink tube these days for a lot cleaner look. There is a trick to getting it just right and it does wear on your fingers but it's worth it.

    I'm just about ready for primer on all the metal panels and now I am sanding the plastics down. This not the fun part. Soon it will take shape....
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    I ended up changing to red for the paracord. Finished up the whole psu. It takes a loooonnnggg time getting these perfect with no shrink tube. But it looks so nice.

    I am going in so many directions right now. But I am making progress. I have the case primed and ready to continue with paint but I ended up with a little dirt in my primer coat so I think I'll be stripping it back off. I did a thorough scrubbing of the paint booth so it doesn't happen again! :evil:

    I should have some paint pics up by the end of this weekend.
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    Finally getting some serious painting done.

    The stages of this-

    Stripped factory black powder coat off.
    Sand to bare metal
    Epoxy Primer - White
    Base coat -White
    Tape off lines
    Base coat - Torrid Red
    Next comes clear!

    Lotta work for a nice paint job.

    This is the psu taped off. It's going to match the case.

    Coat #1

    Coat #2
    Coat #3 blah blah blah

    Pull the tape!

    The red really pops now with a little white added. The lines look like they jump off at weird angles but it depends on what angle you look at the psu. It changes depending on where you see it from.

    The case itself is getting the same treatment but I am using a little wider tape. Here are some pics of it reassembled and painted white.

    And a little paint going on.

    And now for the super scary part.... I have to pull the tape so I can blend in an area in the center that will be all red. Then I am adding the Ostrog name in white, right in the middle. I am doing all this before the paint has cured so it's a risk that you can pull the paint back off. It also leaves a hard tape edge since the paint has not cured and flattened all the way down.

    So I definitely have some hard tape lines (edges) so now I have to wait a bit and then very, very, very, carefully do a little wet sanding of the base coat. Normally you never do that because I will be putting clear directly over it and it may show some of the sanding scratches.

    Hope not.

    Meanwhile, in between coats I started 2 more mods that needed windows cut into the side panels so there will be another thread coming on those.

    I'm tired..... good night.
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    Finished up with the paint. I will still be sanding a few little specks of dirt and a couple bugs out of my clear. But it's looking pretty good.

    I was able to knock most of the hard tape lines down and then plastered everything with a ton of clear coat to help hide the edges.

    Speaking of bugs, this little bastard decided to jump on my second coat and wiggle through it before flipping over and croaking. You can see his trail of where he crawled. :evil: It's ok. Let it dry and it will buff right off.

    PSU shell in clear..

    The top piece finished. I added some white highlights here and there so it's more than just a bunch of stripes.

    This pic shows the reason why I blended the red back into the stripes in this area. I thought it might look odd if the lines ran all the way through the lettering so I faded it out so the name would pop.

    And after 3 good coats of clear...

    You might think the name is not centered but it will be when the case is reassembled.

    I also did the same thing for the front bezel.

    It will sit all night and then it's ready for handling.
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    Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm slammed doing mods and I do have a day job...

    I brought the white lines in a little closer to the logo's. They seemed a little too far away. It was a lot of extra air brushing but I like the way it came out better.

    Here is a pic of it assembled with fresh clear coat.

    I'm working on hardware install right now and should have another update soon.
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    I've been very busy so here is an update finally.

    I'm using white Enermax fans to keep the red and white theme going. Plus, they're great fans.

    Gigabyte was kind enough to step up and sponsor the build with a 990-FXA - UD5. THey are really great about supporting the gaming and modding community so please support them as well!

    ADATA provided some RAM - 16 Gb AND a XPG SSD - 256 !!!!! Thank you so much to them as well. If you haven't paid attention to ADATA you might want to start. Especially right around CES (hint hint)

    AMD has provided the dual 7950 GPU's. They are totally awesome obviously.

    I'm spending quite a bit of extra time with fine details on this build especially since it will be seen by thousands real soon at CES.

    The front grille looks good when I out it back in but this case needs something with a little more flair...

    So, using some white 1/2" acrylic I cut a piece to fit where the grille goes.. I polished it up really good on all sides.

    That took a lot of time and fine tuning. :?

    I bought a NZXT pre-wired led 2 meter strand and stripped the sleeve off of it to expose just the wires and led's.

    Drilled some holes through the back..

    Then I glued the led's into the holes spacing them evenly. Hooked up the juice and gave it a test run.

    That should work!

    Now I'm back to wire management, and I'll be making a piece for the back of that front bezel to hide the wires to the led's and stuff.

    More coming soon.
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    I wrapped up the whole build now. It looks fantastic and I am super proud of how clean it is. This will be a great piece to show off for them at CES. It will definitely get some attention.

    Here are some more progress shots....

    I am using the factory psu cables for anything that is modular. I would normally sleeve everything but these are the nice black wires and they look really clean and nice. The only thing I didn't like was the length of wire in between the 2 connectors for the gpu's. You can see in this pic that I shortened one already and the one I'm holding is the stock length one.

    Shortened them up and they look much better.

    Here's a shot of my 24 pin I sleeved with red paracord.

    The inside of the front panel was looking pretty crusty from adding all the lighting and stuff so I came up with a way to dress it up. I grabbed some of my perforated aluminum sheeting and cut a piece that I could wedge in. I cut around the mounting tabs.

    So once I snap the front panel back on this gives you an idea what I am up to. There will be no optical drives so this is one very empty rig. Dressing this up will make it look so much nicer.

    Painted white and now it's time to button it up...

    Ahhh so much nicer.

    So I thought I was done and was so proud of myself. I set it all up to get some great photo's of it. Took some pics with it off, then powered it up and took some more pics, then hit the button for the lights on the front and........... nothing...... absolutely nothing! :evil:

    Remember on the movie where Clark Griswold gathers his family in the front yard to turn on the lights he was so proud of that took several days to do, and then nothing happened. SO he had a meltdown.? Replace Griswold with me and you'll get the picture.

    First thought.... Aww man a wire came unplugged...

    Second thought.... I pinched a wire somewhere while tucking it so tight that they'll never show...

    Third thought.... The metal piece I made for the front cut into a wire...

    W T F man!

    I unscrewed the controller and looked at it and it seemed fine. I then plugged it in to power outside the case and the lights came on perfectly. So I thought it was just a freak thing that might have happened and I re-installed it. And..... again..... no lights.!!!!

    Again.. W T F man!!

    I jiggled the wires ... jiggled connectors.... etc. and still nothing.

    I unscrewed the controller and pulled it out of the slot and.... lights on!!!

    So now really WTF!!

    As soon as I touch the controller bracket to metal... lights out...
    So it's obviously a short. But where???? Bad controller??? PCB cracked??? Nope.


    It all looks ok right??

    No cracks and I can follow the path of the power and it looks fine but... hhhmmmm

    Insert every filthy dirty word you've ever heard and a couple more and you will understand my frustration...

    The sharp edge of the bracket cut through the paint and into the power leg. So when I touched it to a ground. bzzzzttt. Lights out!

    3 hours.... gone... never getting them back...3 hours.


    Final pics coming soon.
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    All back together and finished up now. I still need to throw a coat of wax on the paint but that's it.

    I'm pretty happy with how it all came out. It's nice and clean, really bright, and will definitely get noticed anywhere it goes.

    So here are some final pics -

    Thanks for watching the build.
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