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Thread: First PC Building

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    First PC Building

    First off, I'm new to this forum and can't tell if this is the appropriate place to put this, so if it isn't please let me know and I'll move it right away.

    My current computer is at least 5 or 6 years out of date (it's a hand-me-down from my uncle, and wasn't even that great 5 or 6 years ago), and so I have decided that enough is enough. I've always wanted to be able to play games at my own place and not need to go visit friends just to get some good gaming in and I've decided it's time to build my own gaming computer. Now, gaming isn't my only goal, I also just plain will need a computer for university that will handle 3D rendering (with programs like Maya or Blender), as well as run Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc.

    So I plan on building a computer, and I want to go BIG. Now I don't mean I plan on getting the best of the best for every component, mostly by big I just mean my goal is to have a decent computer that can run games smoothly on high video settings, and I want to make my own case. The dream here is to have a Christmas themed case (don't ask, I just think it would be cool - I plan to call it Rudolph), made out of wood primarily (if possible), with a window in the side panel area, some red LED lights throughout, etc. (I have a couple designs that I can upload later).

    Essentially though, I just want it to run well and look like something that nobody else (save for maybe Saint Nick himself) would ever own. (And as for the theme, I just figured I like Christmas and it might be helpful to have a theme so that it didn't end up as some weird random hack job with no clear aim or direction.)

    So really my point in all this is that I was hoping that somewhere I could find someone - or multiple people - who would be able to help me figure out what is and isn't possible, what parts I should be looking at getting, and just help me figure it all out in general.

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    Hi mate, whats your budget for the build?


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    Hey there, I have a pretty lenient budget. I'm hoping to do it for less than $1500, though I would be willing to go as much as around $2000 if it was absolutely worth it, would just need to save up a bit more beforehand.

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    When building your own case, the hardest part is probably going to be the motherboard mounting and lining up the back plate with the motherboard risers. Do yourself a favor, use an old case or buy the cheapest one you can find and cut it up to use as a base or stencil.

    Building out of wood isn't new or impossible. Something to keep in mind at all times though is that wood insulates. Most cases are metal and often aluminum to assist in heat dissipation. So keep in mind that air flow needs to be carefully planned. You may also consider a special grounding wire from the power supply casing to a motherboard riser screw

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