Hello Fellow Modders,

After months of working away from home and from my family i am back onto the mod scene.

While i was under ground most of the time i had one project on my mind.

Ever since i first seen the Fractal Design Arc Mini case i have always wanted to mod one out.

My goal is to have a Water cooled but Matx case that can still support High End Gaming but also be able to Render my work projects for clients.

The theme is Republic Of Gaming in Carbon Fiber Style.

So lets get things under away with the help from my first sponsor for this mod i would like to say a big thanks to

This project would not be happening if it was not for the great support and also well built cases they produce.

The unboxing of the case.

Hmm where is my screw driver.


A look inside of the case and a box of goodies.

I am going to do away with all the hard drive cages to house a 240 radiator at the front of the case.

Took the top hard drive cage out with just a screw driver.

Now just the bottom one to take out.

I have to drill out two rivets here.


4 more rivets to drill out this is under the hard drive cage.

All done :thumb:

That's better.

One empty space for the radiator to be mounted in the front.

That is all for now will get some work done on this front of the case in the next few days.