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    Question Custom build modular cables

    Hey everyone,
    I recently decided to re-incarnate my old modular Antec NeoPower HE500 PSU.
    Unfortunately i do not have the original cables. I tried using one from a enermax kit only to watch my SSD go up in smoke ... obviously a different wire setup! I am happy to re-wire these molex pins correctly but do not know which pin is which (5v, 12v, G+) and so forth. I do not have a volt-meter so I am asking if anyone has one of these PSUs, or even similar models, please can you tell me which pin is which, or just simply a pictures of the cables so that I can recreate these!

    PS: do you think that the burnt ground pins on my SSD will make lasting damage? (it still works atm!)

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    Well you could try an clean the pins the best you can with a small wire brush or something that would at least scratch off the burnt spots :-)

    As for the pin outs you can search the web as there are a few places that might have a drawing, but I would most differently grab a multimeter to make sure that this never happens again.

    You can spend as much as you like on meter, but once you get one and start using it you wonder how you gone this long without one. Check out the meters listed HERE

    Make sure that it is able to to do DC voltage :-)
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