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Thread: Star Trek: The Mirror Universe Pinball

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    Epically awesome
    A beautiful testament to all your hard work

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    Thanks DB!
    Attention moves to the Lockdown bar mechanisms and coin door. I resurfaced the coindoor skin with some sandpaper and installed the new coin door inserts; pictures later when I take them. Installed the coin door and proceed to clean the lockdown bar assembly:

    I disassembled it and cleaned the rust / grime off with some coarse sandpaper. Once I had the bracket rust free; I powdercoated it with some chrome powdercoat; keeping the metal on metal area free of powder coat. I reassembled the mechanism with stainless steel hardware to help prevent future rust:

    Playfield hanger bracket got the same sanding/powdercoating treatment:

    I have more to report; but it'll have to wait until tomorrow as it's late and I have work in the morning.

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    Time to finish the lockdown bar... but the lockdown bar and side rails kinda go together.
    I had bought a new set of side rails from PBResource... but they don't fit right. Not sure if it was my error or theirs. I'll have to email them when I get a chance.

    Since I couldn't use the NEW side rails; I really had no choice but to recycle the old ones since I had no time to really source and ship new ones. The old ones were bent by the backbox as some point... and there is a really nasty scratch on one side.

    I tried resurfacing the rails with a belt sander... but it still looked like as$ to be honest. So... what to do?!?

    Guess one must powdercoat them with black and the holographic clear coat as was done on the apron.
    So at 7:30pm Sunday; I jumped in the truck and raced up north to Techshop where I could bake these huge as pieces...

    Yeap; that's right... I made the lockdown bar match... would you expect any different? I thought maybe the black would be too much; but it's really kinda kick ass on the machine:

    You likey?

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    .. sometimes shit goes your way without you knowing it in advance

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    On floor... Running at Texas Pinball festival this past weekend:

    Steve Richie playing the machine:

    On Sunday; the machine was announced to have won Grand Champion / Best of Show award of the 230-some-odd machines on the floor.

    Here's a picture of the game being played at TPF'14:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Americanfreak View Post
    Your Bringing this to the next QuakeCon, right? :-)
    I thinking no.
    I secured a BYOC seat last night. As did lockman; but MrRed did not.
    Given that the three of us cannot attend as a group; I'm thinking about cancelling my registration and requesting a refund for my BYOC spot.
    Quakecon is dead to me if MrRed can't get a seat some how.

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    I've started transferring this Mirror Universe project to to get some visibility and hopefully win their SciFi contest ending at the end of this month.

    Thanks to all who signed up on I seem to be in 12th place.
    7 skulls vs 22 for the leader. Can I become the leader with your help?

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    Great Job Man!
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    The Mirror Universe made hackaday's front page today... along with the other Star Trek entries:

    5days left before the contest ends (4/29) ... so still looking for skulls / followers.

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    The entry period for the Sci-Fi Contest ended at mid-night yesterday morning. Now’s the time to weigh-in as ten prizes will be awarded based on the community outpouring for the project. Go check out all of the projects that were entered and register your opinion through “Follow Project” and/or “Give a Skull” buttons.

    We’re hoping to announce judging decisions for the contest on Thursday, May 8th.

    Also; don't forget the Mirror Universe will be at this weekends Austin Mini Maker Faire on Saturday (5/3) from 10am-6pm.
    Look for me at the Intel booth inside. #IntelAMMF14

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