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Thread: Star Trek: The Mirror Universe Pinball

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    I am SO looking forward to this when it's done!

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    As mentioned here and here,
    I've been working on a plan to add sound effects and background music to the project. To this end- I'm currently redesigning the AS-2815-3x/51 soundcard with modern components; specifically, I'm replacing the TTL PROM and 4bit counter which are both getting rare / expensive with a single MAX 3000 CPLD in 44pin PLCC. The CPLD cost 1.50 is single units... where the TTL PROM and 4bit counter are in the 5-6 range. The CPLD has just enough room to replace all the logic chips and house both sound PROMs for AS-2815-32 and AS-2815-51 designs. The -51 proms can be selected via a jumper wire. "In theory" it should work with any game listed with the AS-2518 boardset.

    The sound effects tie into the existing switch matrix and run off of a raspberry pi.

    The card should be a drop in replacement for existing card using mostly SMT components to keep PCB costs down.

    IF anyone is interested; I posted my rev-99 schematics here:
    Still need to take free gates and tie them up so they don't float.

    Also need to renumber components now that the layout is nearly complete. Then generate SilkScreen. I put a small prototyping area under the RazPi... just incase I need to do some rework.

    Hope to have the design committed to OSHPark by the weekend.

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    A couple of days ago; my custom stencils came in from TwistedPins. I started with the head because it was still on the hydraulic table from the fan installation. I decided I wanted to use the same head stencils as the original bally; just change up the colors a bit.

    I started by laying down the yellow stencil:

    At this point; an improvement I'd suggest to these stencils is that for the first layer... the "red" covers should be removed. IE the planetoids shouldn't have any masks "inside" the oval shapes. That way you lay down a solid color and the second color (red) goes over the yellow so there are no registration offsets. This is what I did; I went ahead and removed all the squiggly shapes from the planetoids.

    With the stencil ready; I taped off the surround areas with newspaper and put down some grey primer. This was done mainly to get the "grey" which I had chosen for the enterprise. Yellow generally goes over light grey than black so I sprayed everything.

    I waited overnight for the grey primer to cure then masked off the enterprise grey and sprayed down some "Gold yellow" spray paint. I decided to use spray paint as it is easier to clean up than trying to spray the sign lettering enamel I used for the Bally Star Trek repair many years ago.

    I let the yellow dry about an hour before carefully removing the masking. Here's how the first stencil turned out:

    Another night time cure to let the paint harden before I put down the red-orange stencil. I decided I wanted the planetoid to be the same colors as original. The difference was in the Enterprise as you'll see in a moment. I sprayed the planets and then the Enterprise-shadows as "Driver blue".

    I let the orange/blue combo cure in the TX sun for a few hours; then removed the masking. The Result:

    There were some slight registration issues with the blue and grey; but really not that bad. Again; If it were me; I'd have created the stencils with the entire Enterprise in "yellow" and then have the "red" overlay cover the yellow to avoid the registration issues. I'm guessing TwistedPin did the stencils that way so someone could just do a single color... but really; the Red fades long before the yellow; so in my mind the yellow stencil should cover all the areas Red+yellow.

    Anyway; I'm digging the custom Enterprise colors. Thoughts?

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    all looks good to me

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    Your Bringing this to the next QuakeCon, right? :-)
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    lol. idk. As what; a Case mod?

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    I'm thinking about how to get stereo out into the world from the RazPi which would be mounted in the backbox on the Mirror Universe. Traditionally on later model pinball machines; they shrunk the vertical size of the backglass and put a speaker panel in it.
    I don't want to do this because it would be non-traditional to the look of the machine.

    As a result; I'm left with an issue which I could use the communities help with... Similar to what Jags did here:

    I'm looking at mounting some speakers to the backbox in some way. I'm looking for suggestions as to what might look "trek"-like. I came across these

    but the price is kinda :EEK:

    Anyone have some older speakers (cheap/gift) which might be mod-able to the a Trek theme? Any other suggestions on speakers? Anyone got some Logitech marketing contacts? ;D

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    Now my attention turns to the stenciling of the side cabinet. First color... yellow:

    Once the yellow dried overnight; I pulled the stencil up:

    Yeap; that's right... The use of the waterslide decal came back and bit me in the butt. The stencil pulled the toner right off label.


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    After many choice explicatives; I decided there wasn't much I could do now... so I went ahead and continued stenciling the grey; opting to see what (if anything) the Enterprise would cover. Ofcourse; I designed the decal location to be where the Klingons were; so I knew it wouldn't cover jack... but it made me feel better. I also figured if the next stencil pulled up more; I could fix it once and be done.

    Down goes the Enterprise stencil..

    This time I left the protective backing on the section which went over the waterslide decal.
    I sprayed the grey primer and let it dry overnight. The backing protect the label; so I proceeded to cover the paper areas with the black stain to match the color of the cabinet. I then re-airbrushed to blend the new black with the background image. I then re-sprayed the holographic flake and clear coat as best I could with airbrush.

    Good as new? no. but, not too bad I guess.

    Now for the orange stencil.

    The orange wasn't Red enough for my Nacelles... so I sprayed them with cherry red.

    And finally; the blue phasers:

    Ofcourse; the blue phasers crossed over the nebula - I had to use some of the stencil to prevent paint bleed. At this point more toner came off; so I had to do some more repair. The result:

    I'm not real happy with the blue phasers; they tend to not showup well on the black without a grey border. Not sure what if anything I'm going to do.

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    Now my attention turns to the front stenciling... First the Yellow:

    I decided that I'm going to start "wrapping" the images under the cabinet to give it a unique look.



    And the final result:

    With that; I've completed one of each side of the cabinet. Now the "Busy" work of finishing the other sides of the cabinet begins.
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