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Thread: [Scratch Build] ZOTAC "Valentine" ZBOX

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    [Scratch Build] ZOTAC "Valentine" ZBOX

    I’d contact ZOTAC with the idea to build one custom scratch case for one ZBOX with a very especial theme. In less that 2 days they accept the idea and they’d choose one ZBOX nano XS AD11 PLUS. This project will be simple, thematic and well documented. More that the review of the case, till 14 of February of 2013 only small teasers will be showed, after that the topic will start having full worklog, with EN videos of all the process (we’re Portuguese, that’s way I’m referring it) of all the process, a little like our BlackStorm H406, but this time in full EN and with different type of episodes (with tips and little talk on the build).
    I want to thank here to Patricia Igual from ZOTAC Espanha and to Christopher Dean from Imacula PR for all they help and to make this possible.

    # Main colors, white and red
    # Structure multi layer of acrylic
    # Thematic Lighting
    # Unique design and stunning look when power on
    # Subtle look, nice concordances and little details

    # Build a simple case and thematic
    # Extended videolog
    # Be good looking to female eyes
    # Vertical support matching the theme
    # Study cooling to not heat more on the new case, trying even to make it better

    # ZBOX nano XS AD11 PLUS

    # Windows 7






    How to follow the project?
    Skype: modaafoca
    Main worklog : (Portuguese)

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    Looks like a good idea. Be sure to keep us up to date on the build.
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