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Thread: Proposed media pc

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    Proposed media pc

    well i've been just itching to do a mod for a while now and i think i may have finally came up with a fun lil project.

    I have this really old tape reel recorder (model: craig 2403-1) and i think it'd be pretty fun to make it into a media pc of sorts.

    first i'll show a few pics and then go into what i'm thinking about doing with it.

    this first pic shows the entire unit. the front half breaks away and is actually two speakers.

    this pic shows a bit more of a profile. what i would do is replace their IO panel with my own. i'd most likly do this by making my own plate and just getting short extension cables to do so.

    now i know that your thinking thats not large enough, but i do plan to cover that as well, i wouldn't have all my connections in that single panel

    this picture shows the unit all opened up to give you a better idea of the size. in here you can see the size is pretty much cut in half when the speakers are taken off.

    and heres the final picture for now, a close up on the unit. What i'd really like to do is just pretty much take everything out and put in a new face plate. this plate would have a LCD mounted in it. on the bottom left pretty much where that little door is, i would put the cdrom. i would also have all my USB connections inside the case along with any other controls i might want in there.

    I'd really like some feedback on this. this case is pretty much one day in the making, but i plan to mount everything inside the case with a plexi and aluminum tubing framework. Since i plan to run cables to my own IO plate i can additionally place items just about anywhere i want to which is pretty nice.

    Now i've also considered not mounting a monitor. This would save me lots and give me a whole lot more options for this case. I'm primarily building this because i'm gettin a projector maybe in the next month and i think this would be a great media pc to accompany it. the hardware will be scooped from an older PC of mine, but it'll work all the same, this wont be a high end gaming or developing machine, just something to play around with and look kewl.

    ok i got the thing all scooped out and i gotta say, this is looking promising. i'm still not sure on if i want to mount a LCD to the front cover or not but it looks like i can easily keep that side panel with the 4 dials and theres another 2 potentiometers(sp?) that i can use as well. as far as the meters i'm not entirly sure on those yet. i tried a test measure with a 1.5 v batter and that made the needles really jump to full, so i'm not to sure what i'd do with those yet, but theres also so much space in thie case that it really gives me a lot of room to wotk with things.

    so everyone i'd love some thoughts on this and hopefully i can turn this into a worklog sometime.
    Also i have this posted on a few forums, updates will come the fastest from my site, then i'll post on others

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    Proposed media pc

    I think it's a great idea. I see that it's made from wood. Strip off that cover and put a finish on that wood. It wood be beautimus. I have my arm raised for it, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll start a chant for you. Happy Modding.

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    Proposed media pc

    hahaha thanks for the support. i started isolating the components a bit earlier, i've pretty much got that volume control bar all taken care of and ready to be wired for something more useful like fans. i'm not entirly sure what i want to do with the faceplate but i've been getting some ideas on it. but definatly i'd love to hear some suggestions on what to do with the faceplate.

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    Proposed media pc

    Just a quick thought of fan and light controls for the panel.

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    Proposed media pc

    lol i thought i'd post a quick funny note. i decided to test one of the pots, hooked it up wrong or something and got a small flame to jump out, haha. needless to say i instantly disconnected the power, but i thought that was a funny note on my progress.

    also i have a mother board tray now and some pots that i think will work for the fan controllers, (they're 100 ohm if anyone can give me some assurance on that, i'm not much of an electrical buff). so tonight i might be able to get some pics posted and start a worklog instead of a thread for a proposed mod project.

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    Proposed media pc

    Awesome idea for a mod and I could see it going one of two ways:

    1) Put the LCD in place of the reel to reel. Make the speaker boxes some light boxes that react to sound. Paint it some wild color.

    2) Keep it just like it is and replace the inside with PC parts, but keep the reel to reel on the outside. Replace the inside of the speaker boxes with some kick butt speakers.

    Let me know what you want to do and I can move this thread to the work log area.

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    Proposed media pc

    i'm leaning in the direction of the second way. I dont know if i wanna keep the reels though because it's gonna be a bit of a pain mounting them, so i've been thinking of what i might put in their place. So far i'm running a bit short on that . As for the speakers i'd like to swap em out with some sweet ones. also do you know if it'll effect the sound if i wire some leds on their power? i feel like it might so i'll prolly run a new wire with 4 connections, 2 for the speakers and 4 for some lighting effects in the speaker boxes. lol i keep thinking that i cold cathode in there could have some potential to look really good.

    but definatly keep the ideas comin. i expect that i should actually be able to work on this thing this weekend, it'll be the first time i've had some time off from work in a while.

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    Proposed media pc

    well i got a couple older PCs that i might move into this case after i do some measuring. the first one is pretty messy lookin. This is a P3, not sure on the specs, but looks alright, this case is one that someone gave to me...

    I'll of course have to take it out of the case and position everything to fit alright.

    The second one is from a display case i just posted on FusionMods - Link
    This one is also a P3, but i'm not going to need preformance, i'm just gonna want one that can play movies, i'm not to concerned about much else on it. but i do really like this second case

    This PC is barly an inch to large to fit into the box as it is now. the motherboard is a few inches thinner then the case. i'll probably use this one and i'll just need to reposition the PSU and drives.

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    Proposed media pc

    You have a start right there in front of you. Take the best parts out of each, position them in the reel-to-reel, they don't need to be located to each other as they are in the PC case. Stack them on top of each other if you need to, the only thing that may put a dampner on is the length of you cables. Speakers can be purchased one at a time if need be. Radio Shack sells speakers for enclosures, tweeters, horns, woofers and cross-overs, you have enclosures. A P3 should be quick enough for doing movies, I would think. Hope I helped you with my blabber, just keep posting. Happy Modding.

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    Proposed media pc

    thats actually something i was worried about, like if i did throw in a P3 would it handle movies well enough? i mean i have lots of SDRAM laying around that i can use in this thing so i think it'd be alright for that. i mean i think the P3 topped out at 1 gig if i remember correctly and my parents are running an old 900 mhz duron as their main pc and that thing seems to run fine enough for general use and it has plenty of ram as well, lol and windows xp beleive it or not.

    sunday i plan to run to a hardware store get some aluminum tubing and run two segments across the bottom of the case going the long ways. this is what i'm going to anchor most of this stuff too. i'm also going to get either some plexi or lexam to mount other items to, such as the drives and the fan controller enclosure.i think in place of the tape reels i'm going to mount a couple 120mm fans.

    i'm also still tryin to come up with a way that i can use the spinning counter. i'd also like to use those meters but i'm not sure what i could wire them to since they jumped all the way at 1.5v from a AA battery, which makes me wonder what they were measuring exactly in the first place, lol i just hate to let them go to waste since they look so nice :-D

    so unless i can find some aluminum tubing laying around the house (which i swear i had somewhere), you'll have to wait till sunday for some update.

    and if anyone can maybe comment on the P3 handling movies i'd really like some first hand accounts with that jsut to make me sleep better, haha.

    And finally i'm also going to post this worklog on my modding site. this isn't a plug, i jsut felt i'd make you all aware, the links in my sig if anyones interested, but i really like these forums and they'll get the first of all the updates, and aside from my site this is the only other forum i'm posting this project

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