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Thread: Questoin on coolant

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    Questoin on coolant

    Just was wondering., cause I don't know.

    Why is it that people don't use engine coolant watered down? Most radiators are either cooper or aluminum. Aren't most blocks like that?

    Your thoughts.


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    Engine "Coolant" which generally is Ethylene Glycol, is not an actual coolant, its the water mixed with the "Coolant" that does all the cooling.

    Water however has disadvantages such as its high freezing and low boiling point, plus its good at causing corrosion. Which is where Ethylene Glycol or any other "coolant" would come into play. The "Coolant" lowers the Freezing point, raises the boiling point and has corrosion inhibitors.

    You don't really need it in a PC's cooling system, but it is a good idea to use some sort of corrosion inhibitor.
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    I used to use it in the past and well actually I am not a water cooler for the last several years and I am not sure what they are even using now.

    My guess in two parts is...

    1)Anti freeze is made for a much higher heat transfer and prevents boil overs.

    2) No one wants to buy that much fluid it they are not going to be using it all. :-)

    LOL we posted at the same time.
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    Thanks Guys.

    Really appreciate it.
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