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Thread: Project: HAVOK Case Mod

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    Project: HAVOK Case Mod

    From the main site...

    Here is a nice clean case mod that is in our forums. This case mod started off life as a plain Jane black case, but with a few passes some paint you get a whole new and improved looking case. Please check the work log over in the Modders-Inc forums 44 total views, 44 views today
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    Nice and clean! I like it

    "Moddin' ... Ain't It Cool!"

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    You can indeed place the steel lids from jam and sauce jars in your household recycling bin.
    Please just make sure they are clean and dry.
    You can put other steel items in aswell such as food tins,
    biscuit tins and aerosol cans (just make sure they are empty and the lids are
    offgeneric printer in
    cheap printer cartridges

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