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Thread: ECS Modmen Case Mod Entry Fire & Ice

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    XFX Fire & Ice

    Well I had a little time between Lan parties and Builds ( still waiting for one to come back) I had this concept before in 2009 and after a few complete ice mods I was ready to attempt to build it. The build will be called Fire & Ice, making the case from liquid resin and trying to use a least amount of metal possible with a waterfall reservoir.

    I purchased the ECS model P67H2-A2 Deluxe

    I like to thank my sponsors for supporting my projects over the years.

    A have a long way to go and a short time frame, Do you think i can make it?
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    First thing is getting my layout on The board that i will be using for my mold and double checking measurements.

    adding 2 by 4 and attaching them with screws from the back

    getting a 3d visual in my mind ,

    Side view of the side panel

    Molds are ready

    Am I making cookies or a case mod you decide

    Ready to Pour

    make sure you add you Mold release

    Sorry for the blur i was probley dizzy from the fumes
    Mixing the resin with the catalyst

    I let it set over the next 24 hours

    Ok need to keep pushing on this if i am going to get done

    Vote every day till the end for your favorite
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    Nice to see you posting this one!

    Good luck in the contest!
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    After letting the resin harded for about 2days here is the end result

    One cool side panel

    all cleaned up

    getting a good idea on attaching the fans

    front panel fan placement

    rounting the front & side panels for Plex glass Insert

    Side panel sanding from 50 , 150, 400 , 1000 grit.

    More plexi has arrived to finish my newest feature to the case.

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    Dont forget to go and vote!!!! 2 1/2 days left. I am pushing hard to finish it.

    Adding the case fans!!!

    I wanted to do something different and cut them out myself instead of using the large hole cutter.

    trusting old craftmans scroll saw

    Setting the blade through the pre drill holes

    A little etching action

    testing the LEPA fans

    and the other side again cutting out the fan holes

    Thanks again for taking a look.

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    More ecthing work. If you like the build , Dont forget to vote , Voting ends 3/5
    (Spolier alert)

    Can any body quess why i did the wording on 2 different sheets?

    every body need a little fire dragon

    Start my second very time consuming project with the plexi & weld on #4

    Probley a day between each pic

    this is all cut by a table saw and sandpaper , no lazer here

    a little water test for my first ever Custom reservoir

    thank you for subbing and following along 5

    voting page (Spolier alert)

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    voting page (Spolier alert)

    Started working on the Floating tier for the MB. Thank you old trusting Intel for making a perfect template for Drilling holes for Standoffs

    TAP, TAp, TAp

    Found some arcylic Rods and wanted to incoportae them into the Build

    Getting a idea on how its going to look

    A last minute decision to make my own case feet

    Mounted to the base

    I am going to leave you with a teaser Pic

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    Small update,

    using a small bit of clear epoxy to secure the sides to each other and base.

    adding a hinge back panel

    Installing hardware

    water testing

    Preview update coming later tonight.

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    Preview update

    16 hours left in the voting for the ecs Modmen comptetion , Please go vote!!!!

    Here is a little preview of Fire and Ice

    A big thank you to all the sponsors involved in the project, Intel, LEPA, ADATA & Seasonic, & ecs for hosting a amaizing contest.

    More to come, !!! sleeving and better lighting !!!

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    It was a long a Fun Summer, Lot of exciting stuff for ICE Mod. I took it to Quakecon & a few Midwest Lans. Had over 5 interviews Quakecon and a ton of pics taken and in a article on CNN.

    Adata Up their Game again and sent Some amazing memory. they are also making the memory with a Black PCB board

    Here are just a few of the pictures of the ram and the adventures

    Thank you for looking another update soon

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