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Thread: Triple Monitor Gaming on a Budget TechSpot

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    Triple Monitor Gaming on a Budget TechSpot

    From the main site...

    Considering next-gen cards are still months away, we didn’t expect to bring any more GPU reviews until the second quarter of 2013. However, we realized there was a gap in our current-gen coverage: triple-monitor gaming. In fact, it’s been almost two years since we pitted the HD 6990 and GTX 590 against each other to [...]
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    I have a Triple monitor system running on a pair of GTX680's in SLi. Its good, but most times when I start up it seems to forget its settings and I have to go into the Nvidia control panel and re configure the monitor layout. I also have an extra pair of monitors which are being run from my old GTX580 (must admit to a tiny wee bit of overkill here...) which I use for gaming maps and comms (Teamspeak.)

    During normal use though I think the Nvidia drivers could use a huge bit of a kick up the "A"! If you want to watch a video in full screen on monitor 1 - the triple screen setup - on my monitors which are 1680/1050 the video plays on the center screen, and spreads out to the two other screens. Also when you maximize a window, it maximizes to the full three monitor spread. I'd like the drivers to say that its only a triple size monitor when gaming, and a collection of monitors while in normal windows.

    The thing is though, that I would put up with all the annoyances, and more because of the immersion you get while gaming, and the extra productivity that comes with more screen space. Its pretty freakin awesome!


    Ignore the Hexcopter landing gear in the foreground, better pic coming up tonight...

    Hardware... The Sli bridge is there now, it was just out while the photo was taken...

    The dust is also gone!!


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