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    Hey guys.

    This work log is Dedicated to the God of War series. It is my favorite game. This work log is a little old, but i decided to post it anyway :)

    PC Specs:

    Mobo- Msi Z68A-GD65 (G3)
    Ram- 16gb Corsair Vengance
    Cpu- i7 2600k
    Gpu- Gtx 580 DCII (Has been upgraded to a Gtx 680 Lighting)
    Cooler- Corsair H60
    Psu- Seventeen 750 watt modular
    Hdd- Patriort 128gb SSD, 1 3tb Seagate Barracuda, 1 2tb Seagate Barracuda
    Burner- 1 Blu ray burner, and 1 lg burner

    Started with the Antec 900, This case was from a previous build. i didn't want to get rid of it so i decided to use it for this mod, I really didn't like the bulkiness on the top so i removed it.

    Drilled out the Rivets to take the case apart.

    Did a little sanding to get it ready for some paint.

    I used Metal cast from Duplicolor

    All done.

    Now to put everything back together with some aluminum rivets.

    Love these case feet, you can find them on great place for your modding needs.

    Unfortunately they couldn't fit on the antec 900 case so I had to mod them a bit.

    Also had to sand down the screw heads to make clearance for the power supply.

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    I used my scroll saw to cut out the blade/pieces. The blades i used with the scroll saw were 18tpi

    Blades are all done.

    Using my dremel i etched in a little detail, and drilled some holes in the end of the handle to insert some led's which will be rewired as the hdd activity lights.

    Led's mounted and wired with a shot of hot glue in the back.

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    I remembered that I needed some holes for cable management, should have done it before it was painted, but I was excited to start this project.

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    All done making holes for some decent cable management.

    Now to start the side panel. Had to sketch out Kratos

    Then i started to remove the area's i planed to etch out.


    Using my scroll saw I carved out the remaining detail of Kratos. I used a combination of the scroll saw, and dremel for the detailed parts.
    This is all one piece except for his ear. all cut out of a single 1/8 sheet of red acrylic.

    Found the smallest screws I could find at my local lowe's, and screwed him into the side panel. I also painted the screws before the final construction.

    Now to put it all together

    The best wire management I could do with this particular case. Also the GPU has been updated to a GTX 680 Lightning.

    I decided to purchase an action figure of Krato's, put it on top of the case, along with medusa's head. I wanted to use her head as the led's for the power
    so I used my dremel, and drilled out area behind her eye's and mouth, and stuffed a white led inside.

    This is my GOD OF WAR PC Case mod. hope you guys like it. any feedback is welcome

    Stay tuned for more case mod work logs I have completed
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