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    laptop mod

    Hey guys im new to the whole modding n stuff but its something which hve wantd for long time anyways, this might be a bit of a stupid idea but yeah would be really cool to have ok well i have a powerbook G4 mac laptop and i really want to get some neone or lighting put into in and stuff, i was thinking of getting some neon in the keyoard so i can see the keys at night at it would look quite nice but im not sur how and if its possible to do cna someone help me out?

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    laptop mod

    Well you could try lighting the space between the keys, although its not going to make them any easier to see. To make them easier to see you would need to cut letters into them and allow the light to shine through... This woudlnt be something that would be easily done.

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    laptop mod

    I know this is an old post but i came across it and thought i'd reply just incase u wer still interested. There is one coole mod u can do concerning lighting. Since this is quite an old post i assume u've given the g4 a new paint job.

    U gotta get urself the tools tho. Rotary tool... modders best friend and lots of sand paper

    Any way if you are up for the challenge u can cut the apple logo out of the lid, put some thin plexi glass in and put in some small LED's.

    It's a simple mod but as its a notebook everything is tightly compaceted. If you wanna try it, make sure everything fits before u start hackin lumps outta ur little mac.

    another idea if u wanna try, needs a steady hand. If you rout out a groove a few mm wide around ur keyboard or screen, u may be able to mount a thin EL Strip in it. But just make sure you have the depth to mount it withouth compromising the case integrity. Althoug EL strips require power invertors and u may not be able to mount tht within.

    One more quick tip.. im not sure if its the same form macs put many Laptop Pc's, although tightly packed, have a small void space. I usually find them bottom left corner. They're great for stashing away ur added compontens or even a small power invertor.

    Anyway.. hope thts a help or inspiration for u man...



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    laptop mod

    good ideas...

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