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    Commie Surplus

    Just got done with my newest project, transforming a Diablotek PS into a surplus commie power generator.


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    Nice job man!

    Got the details on how you did it?
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    Well the tricky part was taking apart the case. There are wires that need to be de-soldered.

    Once the case is apart the fun begins! I used all rust-oleum rattle cans. The base is their camo line, light green. I cut a stencil for the commie design and sprayed it lightly. For the running dirt effect I srayed flat black onto a piece of paper and used newspaper to streak the "dirt". I played around with the streaking until I thought it was right. I used the same process on the fan grill. I then used sandpaper to rough it up a bit and create more streaking.

    The fan I sprayed flat black and let dry. Then sprayed it metallic silver. While still tacky I used sandpaper to make the streaks.

    I then cleared everything to protect my work. Waited a day then re-assembled everything.

    It was a fun project. Working on another as I type this.

    Thanks for looking!

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