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Thread: Deskmod

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    Today I decided to do a casemod. I was looking around the internet, and I saw a guy who has made his computer in his desk. I thought it would be fun if I did this myself. So I decided to make a computer into a desk. I got 2 weeks vacation. So I got a lot of time to mod my pc. Of coarse I am going to use watercooling
    The hardware I am going to use is:
    Cpu: i7 2600k
    Motherboard: Asrock z77 extreme 4
    RAM: ?
    GPU: gt 630, end of may this will be gtx 680
    SSD: Samsung 840 pro 128gb
    HDD 1: WD 2tb
    HDD 2: WD 1.5tb
    HDD: 500gb unknown Brand
    Power Supply: ?


    Pump: Koolance PMP-500
    Radiator: 1x 480mm, 1x 240mm
    Reservoir 2x EK/Multioption RES x2 400 Advanced
    5meter tubes
    2000ml blue water

    10x black fans
    6x Blue LED fans

    Here are some drawings:


    Top view:

    Front view:

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    Here’s the first update:
    I’ve build the stand for the desk and the desk itself!
    On the picture is only one stand, but there are 2.



    Here’s the desk itself.


    Tomorrow a new update!

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    I love the look of these desk builds. Cant wait to see more


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    Today I gleued everything together, and I painted the first layer of the desk

    I will probably paint the second layer of the desk (which is black) So I will do a update then.

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    This evening i’ve painted the desk with the first layer, which is black

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    Yesterday I’ve made a place for my legs, because 20 cm between your arms and legs is just too much. It wasn’t comfortable.

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    Today I got a very nice package of coolermaster! It was a Silent pro m2 850watt PSU.

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    After a long time a new Update! I had to wait 3 weeks for my package with watercool stuff

    Somewhere in this week, I will get my new Graphics Card and RAM

    Nice Package with some watercooling stuff

    Early Birthday present from my mom:

    Some of the hardware ( RAM and Graphics card will be upgraded soon)

    The Cpu Waterblock installed

    Now it is cool:

    This was my desk, while waiting for my packages

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    Very nice man.

    I must be out of the loop... I guess I need to make a Desk Mod too.
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    After a long time, finally an update!

    I have build in all of the hardware!


    unfortunately I don't have pictures of this proces, because my camera died. But I will try to make a lot of pictures from now on.

    Yesterday, I build a place where I can put my HDD's

    Maybe I will sleeve those cables, because now they look very ugly

    I have bought a new pump, because the old one was very loud


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