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Thread: Custom Gaming Desk

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    Custom Gaming Desk

    Hey guys.

    This is my 1st ever post in any mod forum so i hope u enjoy this thread.

    Well i got sick of my huge tower taking up floor/desk space so i went crazy and COMPLETELY removed my PC tower... in fact I cut it up with a grinder for parts. All the PC components are now in a cabinet under the desktop on the left. Ive cut out the top of the desk in order to install a glass/glass-like window so u can see through the desk at the components.

    I hope one day to water cool and make it all pretty but... f%#k that!!! For now anyway! xD

    ATM its still a work in progress... Im waiting for a 3x120mm fan bracket/grill to mount on the front to make it look pretty and also 6x 120mm fans to install with it and a few dust filters!!! And yes... the other 3 are for the rear exhaust. cooling flows over the mb pretty well... cant see heat being an issue at all!!!

    Ive wrapped the whole desktop and most of the rest of the desk in automotice carbon fiber wrap... looks freaking awesome!!! On the inside ive cut out the mb tray from my case cauz it was way easier to mount onto that as all the nessary holes for the standoffs are on it. Im in the process of priming the mb tray for a nice metalic red paintthat linda matches my G.Skill ram. I just upgraded my MB to the ASUS Z77 Sabertooth. The Thermal Armour on this beast kinda matches the carbon fiber so its gonna look awesome with a black and red theme.

    Later also be adding RGB LED strips to light the b@3t4rD up!!! Red is my prefferance but the controller can change throught all the coulours with lots of othere patterns too. win/win.

    Again... Later on im planning on getting a 3 monitor mount that will bolt into the desktop as opposed to clamping onto the edge. gotta do this because i plan to ad a "step" onto the desktop for a LED screen running a custom made script (by me xP) that displayes all the good sysinfo, a front i/o panel (card reader, usbs and shiz), a plate with my power witch and reset switch and my optical drive. this will have a top/lid that will hinge at the top for access and cabeling.

    So ill throw up some pics and ill update this thread as i go... just wanted to spill it all out so i can format it a bit better later... actually probs right now haha.

    Hope u enjoy


    ok pics now:

    3D Designs:

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    Thanks... more pics in a sec.

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    Construction Pics:

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    These pics are from when i got to a stage when i just wanted to see it all running so i set it up and this was the result at the end of stage 1. I will have more room once i get the glass cut and installed and my "step"/instrument panel set up:

    Attachment 123

    The AlphaLCD by AlphaCool running a script i made to display info i like to see without looking elsewhere. haha:

    Attachment 124

    Ok... this is a top down shot through the non existant "window". its pretty rough atm because im trying to source some nice cable grommets to bring the cables throught nicley. Underneth the MB area there is another compartment what has the PSU and all my HDDs and SSDs and an area to hide all the crappy cables.

    Attachment 125

    Pic of the whole PC section. trap door on the bottom for access into the cable/PSU/HDD/SSD section:

    Attachment 126

    New GTX660 Ti-DC2 OC Edition

    Attachment 127

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    Halfway through stage 2 now.

    Made up my "step"/instrument panel and created a way to attach it to the desktop. If the step was permanently attached to the desktop it wouldn't fit through doorways so it has to be removable. some latch fasteners did the job.

    Ive added a hinged top cover for easy access to the power boards and the rear of the instruments.

    also on the hinged top ive added a white LED strip connected to a dimmer that is also switched from my engine start panel. I did this because im not going to have alot of desk space and i really dont want a desk lamp blocking one of my monitors.

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    Im about to go take some more pics with my dslr so ill posy some more soon.

    thanks guys =)

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    "Im about to go take some more pics with my dslr so ill posy some more soon."

    Is it soon yet?
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