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Thread: [Build Log] Project Abyss

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    Looking good!
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    finally had some time Monday to get a little work done on the build, firstly i finished mounting the LED's and UV Tubes,
    and have had time to get one of the radiators mounted along with the power supply/s (one on display) and have got most of
    the tubing in ready to mount the Mobo just have to get around to finishing the base for it and drag it back inside to set
    it all up.. didn't take into account the size of the doors

    LED's after i fixed the switch problem that burnt out one of the cables... lack of sleep does that

    The Red Temp sensors finally arrived got them in looks far better over the blue ones. thinking of using them on the next build

    Power Supply Fit in wasn't sure how it would look but it looks better than having nothing in that gap

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    hi all sorry for the lengthy time this project has taken unfortunately work commitments get in the way of
    free time. just a quick update finally finished setting up the water loop, and have one of the 2 Motherboards
    in. will have the glass top arrive sometime in the next 2 weeks and maybe even decide to buy a RevoDrive 3x2 240gb
    for the C drive on the main workstation even though i have had some bad luck with the RevoDrives in the past.. 3
    different cards all failed within 6 months of use.. the original RevoDrive, RevoDrive 2 and RevoDrive 3.

    here's some shots of the motherboard and cpu water-block installed

    and potentially where the SSD drives will lay out

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    Finally got some time to get the first computer up and running in the desk got the GPU water-block attached
    and getting some nice temps under idle around 25-29 GPU and 35-45 CPU under full load jumps up to 39/40
    for the GPU and around 60 for the CPU with a light overclock to 4.3Ghz for now but only have the fans
    attached to one radiator as i realised i ordered the wrong length screws for the 38mm thick fans.

    The GPU board. it doesn't look like much when you take the stock cooler off

    Had a problem with the Water-block Not sitting flat over the GPU so after removing the block and putting it back on
    i forgot the back plate...

    Some low temps should be good for a decent OC

    and finally what happens when you forget to clean the inside of your case for 2 months

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    Managed to get time to mount the HDD's for the First Computer and had time to get some photos

    Also just realised that the UV lights have stopped working but few photos with the rest of the lights on

    Unfortunately found out during the weekend that the glass for the top has still not been made as the Glazier has been on leave
    but hoping that they work something out.
    Hopefully over the weekend i will have time to install the Server and replace the UV lights and maybe get a light to put directly behind the Reservoir to illuminate the Blood Red Die as i noticed that it does not react to the UV light.. even though
    the containers state that it does

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    Last post for the Build finally got round to finishing it off last weekend and the glass has arived.

    SSD for the Server

    and of course a small GPU to get video out

    Quick install of Win7 and than a bit of a tidy up

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    Finally got the camera out of the desk to take some photos of everything under the glass.
    on another note ventilation is not great going to have to address this with more fans around the desk
    also the reason why the Server water cooler is sitting outside the desk anyway here are final photos
    also with the last Light for the Water Reservoir

    I'd like to thank EKwaterblocks for there support during this project

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    Hey all, new year time for a new project. "Project Awakening" Will be another desk build basically an attempt to correct the mistakes from this build (Ventilation, Materials, Add more Pumps and so on) I will begin a new Thread with the log once i begin building until than i leave you with 2 designs that will be used once i finish tweaking and decide on size

    FIrst One 1600x600mm

    and the 2nd 1600x800mm

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