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Thread: The one and only linux mod!

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    The one and only linux mod!

    ok so i havent seen many linux mods so i thought id do one for everyone
    so far i started with a basic foxconn case black. I didnt like the matted pattren of black they used so i sanded it all down to bare metal and cut out my linux shapes and words, then repainted with a enamal gloss black.

    PHOTO 1

    also today i picked up the plexi glass and will be etching the pengiun out.

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    The one and only linux mod!

    Ah the bird lives!

    Great job on the letters, did you use a dremel?

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    The one and only linux mod!

    yes i used our modders tool the dremel, works like a charm hard to cut the letters out though took like 2 hrs. but today i had to go pick up windows for my parents with the truck so i grabbed some plexi glass at the same time. 8-) then iam going to try to hit crappy tire before closing to pick up some hex head bolts to fasten the plexi to the case panel. heres a pic of the plexi for now.

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    The one and only linux mod!

    one thing that sucks is my old hotmail account was hacked or somthing so i couldnt get on my older accout i used to post on here with, i did the zalman review awhile back.

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