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Thread: Antec 300 case missing left side panel

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    Antec 300 case missing left side panel

    I bought a budget gaming build in progress from an ad on craigslist. It's a decent starting point I think, but the one thing that's bugging me is the original owner somehow lost the left side cover.
    That got me to thinking about doing some case mods and making a new side panel. This will be my first case mod.

    Has anyone else ever ended up with a case missing a panel and had to make one? Any tips will be appreciated.

    I am a woodworker, so I have plenty of woodworking tools and an adequate amount of metalworking tools for case modding.
    I'm trying to get ideas for how I want to mod this case, but I think I want to do something with wood... maybe make it look like an old radio or something Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla would have made

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    depends on the size of you panel, what about taking an existing one for a broken computer ?

    Building it from scratch is a tricky job but if you're sure you have no way to get an used panel, i'll give you some tips

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