PWM vs Non PWM Fan Controllers
Hi guys, ok so im kind of new to the whole PC fan thing, and im looking to add about 3 extra fans to my case.

I finally found out the difference between PWM fans, and non PWM and now im looking at controllers. There are 2 that i like the look of that are recomended by most people.

Now, I'm not interested in the motherboard connection as i dont think it has the connection to plug it in, i will control the fans manually so thats not a problem. I do however work on music on my pc professionally, so when im not gaming i will need to be able to switch the extra fans off to 0%.

This controller looks perfect, comes with PWM control or manual. Now my question is, can i use this and forget about the motherboard connection, just connect it to my psu and manually control the fans?
Also if i were to use this controller without using the motherboard connection, which fans would i be able to use with it? the 4 pin pwm? or 3 pin?
Kustom PCs Sunbeamtech Rheosmart 3 Fan Controller

The other controller i found was this 1, however it only goes down to 5v, and really with 3 extra fans i would need the option to turn them off completly

Thanks in advance guys