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    Next Gen Case

    First I want to thank you for your time.

    I have a few questions to ask you about our future product that we are considering to produce.

    We are talking about stretchable computer case.

    It will be as the name said stretchable. In normal form it will hold standard mini, micro and normal ATX motherboards.
    But if you have bigger motherboard EATX and HPTX all you have to do is loosen few thumbscrew's and adjust the size for your needs.
    It will be able to hold 7-8 hard drives in removable hard drive cages and 4-5 DVD drives.
    In design it was thought of water cooling so the case will have support for 2 full size 60mm radiators (front and top) with push and pull configuration.
    The size of radiators will depend on how long do you want the case and it will support 120 and 140 mm fans and radiators.
    With little modding you could possible put even one radiator in the bottom.
    The case will be able to handle most if not all the biggest air cooling solutions.

    The case will be manufactured from aluminum, steal and some parts from plastic, but in small quantities.

    Top and front side will be interchangeable with other models that will be sold separately and will be made from aluminum or plastic depending on complexity of design.

    You can see the concept from minimalistic picture.

    So here are the question I would like you to answer:

    0. What do you think about the idea for this case?
    1. Would you consider to buy this kind of case?
    2. From what material would you like it to be build?
    3. How much money would you spend for this case?
    4. What do you think about changeable front and top sides?
    5. Is water cooling support adequate in this case?
    6. What would you like to change in this case or what would you like to have/see in this case? Your ideas and tips are welcome.

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    Problem with small case?
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    Just extend it to suit your needs.
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    in response to your questions:

    0. It's interesting, but probably going to be hard to implement.
    1. Honestly, probably not.
    2. Aluminium. It's lightweight and because it's softer, it's easier to cut which makes it easier to mod.
    3. Given the number of HD bays and designed to support a radiator, probably $300-$350.
    4. Changable front would be a good way to go. One for a shorter setup, one for a longer one. Rather than having it on sliders, you could bolt or unbolt the front sections as you need.
    5. It doesn't look like it was designed with much room for a pump or reservoir without the front extended.

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    Hmm. That seems like a cool idea. Although its difficult to see its purpose.


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