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Thread: ouya Lemarchand's box case mod

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    ouya Lemarchand's box case mod

    got my ouya today so i am gonna mod it before i even plug it in my plan for this one is to create the Lemarchand's box from hellraiser this should look awesome im on my way to buy a usb hub new fans to replace the stock ones and a few extras will start the build tomorrow.
    and will go from this

    to this

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    nice project but upload some photos or describe how you try to do this case

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    here is a quick video update subscribe to the youtube page to keep up with the project.

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    here is the new back cover plate i will paint the plastic cover gold to match the rest.

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    Here is a Quick update video and a few pics the hole project is coming along great so far.

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    ok so i got the case put togather and i wired up some led strips to the 12volt points on the motherboard. Also solved the headache of coming up with a way to do the power button without cutting the case.I made it pressure sensitive here are a few pics see all in the work log video link subscribe final video coming soon.

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    here it is all done i made a few surprise mods aswell see everything in the video im very happy with this like and subscribe for future builds.

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    Looking good man! Was that a pre made HR Box?
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    my case was featured on this podcast...

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