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Thread: Quake Nail Gun Ammo Box

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    Quake Nail Gun Ammo Box

    So QuakeCon was coming up and I wanted to have a new case to display at our booth and I thought..."Man I really need to do something that has to do with the game that started me playing FPS games". After looking in my pile of cases I found something that struck me right away; the LIAN LI PC-Q02 Mini ITX case (we reviewed it here )

    This is a tiny case at (W) 149mm- 5.8 inches x (H) 230mm - 9.05 inches x (D) 200mm - 7.87 inches... perfect for the idea.

    Everyone who played Quake just loved using the Nail Gun to mow down the enemies. The case was a very close fit for the Nail Gun Ammo Box.

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    So off to my workbench went the PC-Q02

    Name:  QuakeNailAmmo-1.jpg
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    So what in the world can I use for the Nails... BAM it struck me! Shoulder Bolts!

    I jump on to the McMaster-Carr site and look for some bolts but I knew I need something lite as metal bolts would
    be a Bitch to work with and weight a ton. So I found some plastic one at just the right length I needed...what luck :-)

    Name:  QuakeNailAmmo-2.jpg
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    The "Nails" would have to be below the surface of the case to
    get the correct look. I laid out my plan of attack on the case.
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    The hardest part about this mods is that I have very little room to recess the nails and still be able to
    put a system into the case. This means I would have to clear the motherboard power supply and anything else.
    It also means with this case being so small that all the panels still have to be able to be removed to access the hardware.

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    Out came the Dremel away went the aluminum.

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    So my idea to attach the bolt was to make a box with tabs that I could drill holes into the mount the bolts to.
    A dry eraser board is a great tool to have in the workshop to work out ideas.

    Name:  QuakeNailAmmo-11.jpg
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    A mock up of the idea...
    Name:  QuakeNailAmmo-7.jpg
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    You see it is a great idea to made a mock of some stuff to see if it will work and to find I did.
    Trying to get this paper mock up into the case was close, but just not right. So I modified the idea and kept
    the tab idea and got rid of the solid box. This way I could adjust the holders to match the holes I had cut into
    the case.

    I took the shoulder bolts and sanded them down then fill the allen key head in with some Bondo auto putty.
    Then sanded them smooth.
    Name:  QuakeNailAmmo-12.jpg
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    Sprayed some Adhesion Promoter on them, some primer, them some silver to give them the metal look.
    Name:  QuakeNailAmmo-13.jpg
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    Here are some of them in the new holder... I'm liking the look so far.
    Name:  QuakeNailAmmo-14.jpg
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    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    It is in the details

    With the nails details pretty much done it was time to focus on the rest of the case.
    I filled in the seams and replaced the missing pieces where the ROM Door once was.

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    Using some poly styrene I cut some strips to look like the banding around the case.
    Gorilla Glue works great to bond the styrene to the aluminum.

    Name:  QuakeNailAmmo-17.jpg
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    I used a heat gun to shape the styrene around some of the edges.

    Name:  QuakeNailAmmo-18.jpg
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    One side of the case has air holes for cooling so I made sure to open them back up.

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    The case had to have one of the main features which is the rivet heads. To keep the weight down and easy on myself I used rounded wooden plugs.
    I just had to stand them flat and glue them on.

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    All taped up for primer and paint.

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    The first layer of paint on PC-Q02. It was a bit bright but in person it was not as bright as the picture.
    A little roughing up with a 3M pad and some over spray of a flat green and a ever-so-lightly spray of
    flat black created the dull color I was looking for... you'll get to see that in the next update.

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    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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