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    Unity Desk

    Hi, and welcome to my build log for project Unity.

    Project Unity is my design & build of a PC within a desk.

    My first build was a HTPC System. This was fine for what i wanted at the time but limited my options for upgrading the system.

    The original idea was to implement a watercooling system into the HTPC using a Koolance Exos v2 system and then to modify the top of the HTPC case to enclose the whole system then having the tubing go into the back of the case onto the various components.

    After a lot of looking around at other builds i decided that i want to show the whole system off as a show piece, something to admire. I decided that an EK Watercooling system was the best route and a new case to suite the system.

    After much looking around for something that was unique my partner came across a coffee table implementing a PC.

    I was totally amazed by the idea and started to wonder if anyone else had done any other desk or table builds Then i came across Cross by Red Harbinger, I was completely mesmerized. Instantly, i knew that there was an idea worth replicating in my own way.

    After a few sleepless nights of dreaming up concepts in my mind i decided i would try my hand at having a go with SketchUp and putting my ideas on the screen. after many many hours the design was beginning to to take some shape.

    I had never built anything in my life so the obvious thing was to speak to my step father who has many years joinery experience; he instantly loved the idea and said he has to be involved with project. Which was great news for me!

    We threw ideas back and forth for a few weeks until we had something set in stone. and came up with a final design and measurements.

    The next step was to head straight to our local B&Q to price up materials, the most feasible option was to go for Plywood it was cheap and sturdy enough to support weight.

    The build begins...

    Front and Back cut (the back differs from the original design)

    My step father doing the Beading to support the bottom panels

    Beading front and back done

    Attached all sides, waiting for the glue to set

    Nailing the bottom panels

    More drying time

    EK Shipment arrived :-D

    CPU Block: EK-Supreme LTX - Nickel CSQ
    EK-MOSFET Max IV Gene - Acetal+EN (Nickel)
    VGA Block: EK-VGA Supremacy - Acetal+Nickel
    2x EK-RES X3 250
    Pump: Laing DDC-1T Plus 12V DC Pump (MCP 355)
    Radiator: EK-CoolStream RAD XT (360)
    Coolant: EK-Ekoolant Blood RED (premix 1000mL)
    Compression Fittings: EK-PSC Adapter 90 G1/4 Black Nickel & EK-PSC Fitting 10mm - G1/4 E-Nickel
    Thermal Paste/Grease: Arctic Cooling MX-3 thermal compound (4g)
    Tubing: TUBE Masterkleer 12,7/9,5 CLEAR

    Inside panels cut and beading to support, the panels are able to lift straight out in case of any future modifications needed

    Marked out the rear vents for cutting


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    Marked out the rear vents for cutting

    Rear Vents cut and cut inside panel to accommodate the radiator

    We once again changed the design; I wanted to be able to control the fan speed while gaming etc so we decided to make a fan controller enclosure. So i bought a Aerocool Touch 2000
    Here is the top cut, resting on top is the housing

    Testing the enclosure with the fan controller unit

    Cut out for the I/O panel

    Lots of sanding and levelling out was needed, we discovered that a lot of wood filler was needed to fill in those rough edges

    Routed out the edge for the glass to sit in. discovered that we hadn't quite made the originial edge straight enough with the jigsaw

    Second attempt, success!

    I started to get very excited as i could see that the desk wasn't far off completion, but a spell of bad weather had interrupted the build process.

    During this time i decided to make a render of the desk

    The weather once again improved (gotta love British weather!) testing out the filler by skimming the surface, sanding then priming

    Production of the bottom half started, we decided to make the legs detach from the main desk which is bolted together

    Side panels being drilled out, the holes will have Perspex behind them with red LED's fixed around the inside of the legs with another piece of board on the inside

    Figuring out where to attach the MB Tray and allow enough room for cabling to run underneath

    Testing the anti vandal Switches fit properly. as you can see from the edge, some cuts were not so great. Filler to the rescue though

    All starting to come together nicely

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    Thank you*informed me.

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