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Thread: First PC case mod. HP Pavilion p6331p

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    First PC case mod. HP Pavilion p6331p

    Hi all. Just joined here and looking forward to seeing lots of cool mods.
    I wanted to start a work log on my HP case that I am modding. My first attempt at it as well.
    Thought I would just get the ball rolling with a couple shots and then add more as I have time. I got interested in modding through gaming. I realized how lame stock computers were at high quality gaming and it just went from there.
    I though I would start by just upgrading my current computer to work better. It is alright, but just a totally stock HP Pavilion.
    I upgraded the PSU first with the addition of a Corsair HX650. Tossed out the Bestec 250w, what a little joke that was. Then came some RAM. 16GB of Crucial Ram, up from 4GB. Then a descent GPU was needed, so I put in a MSI GTX660 and a Zalman LQ320 H2o CPU cooler and Wow! what a nice change. Can actually game now and have some fun.
    I though why stop there? I have experience with tools and have a shop so why not case mod as well? Off I went.
    Stripped out goods setup so I can still use it.
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    The case after I completely stripped it of paint. I realize I could have just scuffed it up but I wanted the full experience of Primer/Paint/Color coat.
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    Here is the first mod I did completed in fab stage...a copy of a MNPCTech Blowhole, but mine is 92mm. Jig saw and 18TPI blade makes quick work of this thin metal. Drill the 8 holes, file to finish and we are good to go. 92mm Blowhole done! Next comes the aluminum flange.
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    Got to run for now. I will be back soon and continue the story. Glad to be here and hope to see some nice work. I am sure I will. Thanks all.
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    more air!!

    So on with the fan holes. The front one for the 120mm rad. Of course already primered at this stage, done with fabrication.

    This is the bottom for 2, 80mm intakes. Also 2 mounting holes drilled for rear case feet

    Alright that's enough air now!
    The aluminum flange for the blowhole. Sneek peek of semi finished paint. Flange is not perfect but it was cut with a hand held power jig. Found the 3/16" to be a little resistant to the jig. I will be using 3mm AL plate for future parts. I used all stainless steel hardware for attatching.

    The AL mount that I made for the 120mm rad. It will help reinforce the mounting through the case in the front. Fairly thin, flexible metal there.

    So I like working with aluminum. These brackets were made from 3/16" aluminum plate...fricken heavy duty...way overkill.
    They are not totally finished. They need a final polish with 2000 grit and then a clear coat or 2.
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    So on to paint.

    With the fabrication done it is time to move on to painting this little case. Here are some of the things I used.

    I built a small paint booth in my shop with painters sheeting plastic. Complete with a filtered air intake and exhaust. Primer time.

    Painting the door.

    The paint was a TON of work. I did things right with respirator and goggles. Let the proper dry time happen between coats and types of paint. Took me 3 days to paint it fully. 3 coats of primer followed by 4 coats of color and finished with 8 coats of clear. Whew! I am through with painting for awhile. I have freinds that do it for a living. I will take to them for the next mod.
    Painting the blue for the plastic parts. I used Fusion brand made for plastics. I also sanded all the plastic down prior to paint with 400 grit.

    Just waiting for paint to cure a couple weeks before the wet sanding begins then the rubbing compound then the hand glaze....did I say I was through with paint for awhile?

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    Waiting on paint....

    Here is how the case sits now.

    Where we came from.

    Here is where I do my work. I have good light, A/C, tunes, power and access to alot of tools.

    Kind of hard not to notice the hulking XPS case on the bench. Next project already started...a BTX to ATX conversion. Going quite well and this ones going to be a real good performer. All new equipment from the ground up. Going to do a scratch build. AMD CPU, MSI Mobo, 3d surround, SLI. Lots more but we will keep something for later.
    Have more things to do with the front of the HP case. Where my 120mm rad exhausts I am thinking of doing the Turbine fan mod. I like it and I think it will fit well in the door. Plus it takes some work and special fiberglass resin so I like that to.
    Be back after I get the wet sanding done and start the rubbing compound process. It is pretty amazing to what unfinished paint looks like compared to fully finished or processed paint. Not even in the same universe!
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    Here are some thumbscrews I painted to match.

    This is the way the color combo will look.

    Getting ready to paint some of the sanded plastic parts.

    I am headed down to the shop this AM to start the wet sanding. fun fun fun. I should be able to start the compounding procedure today as well. 12 applications, all by hand. Paint is work!
    How far I get depends on how hot it gets today. The beach is calling me if it hits 90.
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