While I am waiting for paint to cure up on my HP mod I will go ahead and start this one with the Dell XPS 700. As most of you may know its a BTX format. So a conversion will be required.
Its a big case with lots of room to play with so I will go all out.
Some of the plans include:
BTX to ATX conversion.
Use of 730 front bezel.
Trashing Dell's LED & power controls. Install/build my own.
Rear bezel mod for ATX.
Plexiglass drive shelf.
Make a couple 5.25 bays into switch bays.
All new components/hardware. Nothing Dell except the case.
Fully sleeved cabling.
4 channel fan controller.
HDD coolers.
I will give a total hardware list later but most of it is in hand.
Heres the start. Order a stripped case from the bay. Comes in damaged, so get a second sent out. Seller say keep the first 1 so now I have 2 to work with. Excellent, a 700 and a 720, virtually the same.

As you can see I already have most of the ATX conv. done. Both cases stripped out. Lotsa parts.
Here are some of the initial cuts to the back.

And how the back bezel fits to start.

Next we will move on to the front side for a bit.